Elmania pt. 3

Written by MSG Commander

Take the Treasure Sword to the King. He’ll ask you to find a blacksmith who can repair the sword. (Remember the weaponsmith you saw in Elmania earlier?)

Go to the tavern and talk to Niecks, and he’ll eventually join your party. Put Will or Stacia in your party as well, and go back to the King. Niecks tells the King he can fix the sword, but to do so he needs an "Earth Crystal" from Elmania Mountain Path (don’t worry, you won’t be going through the Path too many more times…)

Go to the Hidden Village and head toward the back of the first screen. You'll see some monsters in the northeast corner. As you approach them, the game will take over, and after a simple battle you'll automatically get the Earth Crystal. Once you have it, go back to the King.

With the Treasure Sword repaired, the King will assign you an escort to take you to Sanga, where (supposedly) you can find a ship to take you to the Desert Region. As you leave the castle, there’ll be a short dialogue with Niecks, after which you can get him to join your party on a permanent basis (once you’re free of the King’s escort, that is). After the dialogue, your reputation with Niecks will go up.

If you’ve completed Quest 13, go report to the Commander in Chief and get your reward. Then talk to him again to unlock Quest 16. Nothing else to do here, so leave town and head just a bit south to Sanga.