Forest of Illusions

Written by MSG Commander

The reputation event with Stacia is right at the entrance to the Forest of Illusions.

If you follow the apparition, it’ll lead you north, east, then north again to the screen with the Ancient Stele. BUT, if instead you travel north, east, then south, you’ll reach the Witch’s home.

Get the treasure outside her house - a Holger's Crest. Enter the Witch’s home, and after the dialogue, talk to her again for Pegoo’s reputation event. Choose "Yes" at the appropriate time. Now search the pot in the Witch's home for a Damascus.

After talking to the Witch, go north two times to the screen with the Ancient Stele. Grab the Liz's Talisman, then circle around and fight the Boss battle.

Boss Battle

Guardian Dragon of the Forest

This guy is weak against Fire and against Smash, and uses a whole lot of Ice-based skills, so some kind of Ice resistance will be helpful here.

You can speed the battle up if you have any skills set that raise your party's ATK or MAG; otherwise just use your best Fire and Smash skills, and watch everyone's health.

When you’re done here, go to Iglu to unlock a couple of Quests, then to the Frozen Mountain Path to get the Flying Stone.