Written by MSG Commander

GuideShop List

Iglu is Nieck’s hometown, so make sure he’s in your party for this part.

Take him to the research lab (the building in the center of town) and talk to everyone there for a reputation event. Choose "No" at the appropriate time. Also, take him to the building west of the research lab for another little event.

The people in Iglu will tell you that you need to take the Frozen Mountain Path to reach the Forest of Illusions. The path is west of Iglu.


  • Namakura (x2) - search the pots in the research lab
  • Freezing Silver Stone - search the pots in the research lab
  • Katana - in the treasure chests in the guard room
  • Glacial Ring - in the treasure chests in the guard room
  • 2600G - search in the home next to the tavern

Shop list by Old Chuck

Tool Shop

Name Description Cost
Supreme Herb Restores 1500 HP for one character. 300
Finest Herb Fully restores HP for one character. 800
Supreme Holy Water Restores 300 AP for one character. 1000
Finest Holy Water Fully restores AP for one character. 3000
Divine Nectar Fully restores HP/AP and status effects for one character. 10000
All-Purpose Cure Cures all status ailments for one character. 200
Analeptic Drug Cures KO status for one character. 500
Voodoo Stone Chance to cause instant death on a single enemy. 450
Shield Shell Halves physical damage for one character. 300
Barrier Shell Halves magic damage for one character. 300

Weapon Shop

Name Description Equip To Cost
Metal Blade A sword produced by a master weaponsmith. ATK 180 Hero 6450
Winger ATK 160, Effect: Great damage to enemies in the air. Skill: Storm Hero, Damia 4350
Guillotine A beheading axe with a diagonally sharpened blade. ATK 202 Hero, Niecks 6900
Yoiyami A katana with a blade that is darker than the night. ATK 170 Damia 8100
Tsubame ATK 198, Effect: Deals great damage to enemies in the air. Damia 9900
Glass Whip A whip made by weaving thin glass fibers. ATK 184 Stacia 7800
Mad Butler A flail named after a djinn of darkness. ATK 192 Yuni 7300
War Hammer An enormous and hard hammer that can demolish shields. ATK 170 Yuni, Niecks 7000
Hook Manifer A manifer with sharp steel claws. ATK 72 Pegoo 2340

Armor Shop

Name Description Equip To Cost
Rune Armor Armor imparted with an ancient magic. DEF 82, MAG/MDF+ Hero, Yuni, Damia, Niecks 4200
Silver Mail DEF 100, Fire/Ice/Thunder resistance+ Hero, Niecks 5150
Red Vest DEF 88, Fire resistance+ Hero, Yuni, Damia, Niecks 6600
Blue Vest DEF 88, Ice resistance+ Hero, Yuni, Damia, Niecks 6600
Yellow Vest DEF 88, Thunder resistance+ Hero, Yuni, Damia, Niecks 6600
Protective Robe DEF 95, Fire/Ice/Thunder resistance+ Yuni 6200
Dress of Silence DEF 101, Effect: Nullifies Sound attack. Yuni, Damia 13500

Accessories Shop

Name Description Cost
Fang Crest ATK +50 900
Seashell Crest DEF +50 900
Feather Crest AGI+ 600
Earth Crest Earth attack+, Nullifies Anti-air attack 2400
Howling Sky Talisman Sound attack+ 3000
Licentiates's Ring Cuts AP use to 75% 5000
Fountain of Life Ring Restores HP every turn 4500
Gold Bracelet DEF +25 720