Written by MSG Commander

Crystareino starts with a scene in Rodwaal Castle, where the King and his aide are discussing how to stop the Demon King from taking over the world. Finally, the King decides that the time has come to summon the Hero - the only one who can defeat the Demon King, and return peace to the world.

After the scene with the King and his sorcerers, the game cuts to the Hero’s bedroom.

Search the night stands in these two rooms for treasure.

When you're done talking to Eppol - but before you go downstairs - search the nightstand next to your bed for a Protector. Then search the bedroom next to yours for an Herb.

Throughout the game, there are several treasures hidden in night stands, as well as in pots. You'll need to search every town carefully in order to find them all.

Now go downstairs and talk to everyone, then go meet Eppol on the east side of town to do your training.

(Not actually a boss) Boss Battle



After exiting your hometown, follow the path to the cave entrance. Way in the back of the cave is a single Pancho. This is your training for today, and also your introduction to the game's battle system. When your training is done, head back home and then just watch things unfold.