Rodwaal Castle

Written by MSG Commander

After you talk to Princess Stacia, leave the castle. (You can explore the castle if you want, but really there’s no need to right now. And, besides, you’ll be back very soon.) Head south to exit the castle. There will be another dialogue with you and Stacia, and she’ll leave to help a boy in trouble. Follow her.

After you save the boy, Stacia will join your party. You’ll want to head for the Path to Fura, but first, there’s one thing I recommend you do in town: go to the tavern (the building with a green roof in the southwest corner of town) and talk to the man with green hair. This is Matt, an adventure seeker who wants to go with you to Fura. Say Yes, and he will join your party and you’ll unlock Quest 02. Matt will stay with you all the way to Fura.

You can also unlock Quest 01, just don’t complete it until after you get back from Fura.

There’s really nothing else to do in Rodwaal at the moment, so go ahead and leave town and travel southwest on the World Map until you see another town icon - this is the Path to Fura.