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GuideShop List

Drop off the Soldier from Quest 03 and get your reward (150G and 4 Holy Water).

Go talk to the King. He tells you to see the Reverend in Aristo, and assigns Will and company to escort you. Now that Will has joined your party, and Stacia has left, this would be a good time to talk about Dedicated Party Members and Reputation Events.

Dedicated Party Members

Aside from the Hero, there are 6 other party members in the game who you have control over (i.e. you can change their Class, their equipment, skills, etc.) They are:

  • Stacia (the Princess)
  • Will (a rising Royal Guard)
  • Yuni (an orphan from the Desert Region)
  • Niecks (a failed weapon maker, looking for the strongest weapon ever)
  • Damia (second in command of the Kamur Band)
  • Pegoo (a strange creature...)

At certain points in the game, you will be able to recruit them into your party, and assign them as active party members by going to the tavern. For some parts of the game, you will have to accept other, "static" characters into your party - but whenever those static characters leave, you can put any of these 6 back in.

Since you can only have 3 party members in addition to your Hero, you'll have to choose which of these 6 members you want to use as your dedicated (aka most used) party members.

Reputation Events

For each of the dedicated party members, there are events in the game that will raise your reputation with them. Some of these events just happen as the story unfolds - but many of them will only happen if you have the right person in your party at the right time.

At the end of the game, if you've completed all the reputation events for a party member, you'll get to see an extra scene with them after the credits roll.

Throughout this walkthrough I will list the times when you should put a certain character in your party in order to get their reputation event.

Moving On...

Once you’ve left the throne room, go talk to Stacia in her bedroom. Listen to her story (select "Yes") to increase your reputation with her. Go talk to the King, the Handmaiden (in the library) and the Commander in Chief to accept their Quests.

Take Will to the School of Sorcery to increase your reputation with him. The treasure in town is in the pots around town, or in night stands or pots in homes and shops. Your next stop is Aristo, but before you go, you should complete the quests you’ve unlocked, except for Quest 05, which you won’t be able to complete for awhile yet.


  • 04: Request from Rodwaal - Talk to the King.
  • 05: Book for Stacia - Talk to Stacia's Handmaiden in the Library.
  • 06: Defeat Forest Pancho - Talk to the Commander in Chief in the room next to the throne room.

Reputation Events

  • Talk to Stacia in her room.
  • Go to the School of Sorcery with Will in your party.


  • Holy Water - search the lone pot next to the home in the northwest corner
  • Traveler's Cloak - search the night stand in the home of the Boy you rescued
  • Herb - search the pot next to the Point Shop
  • Power Coin - search the pot inside the Point Shop
  • Herb - search the left-most pot inside the Tools Shop
  • 160G - search the right-most pot inside the Tools Shop
  • 44G - search the night stand in Will's house (the home east of the Tools Shop)

Shop list by Old Chuck

Tools Shop

Name Description Cost
Herb Restores 100 HP for one character. 10
Holy Water Restores 50 AP for one character. 80
Analeptic Drug Cures KO status for one character. 500
Antidote Cures Poison for one character. 15
Scorching Red Stone Unleashes Fire magic upon a single enemy. 100

Equipment Shop

Name Description Equip To Cost
Short Sword A sword use for self defense. ATK 10 Hero 70
Steel Axe A hand axe with a sturdy blade. ATK 12 Hero 90
Dagger A short sword that is easy to use. ATK 7 Hero 60
Whip An ordinary whip. ATK 11 Stacia 60
Leather Armor A light armor made of leather. DEF 12 Hero 40
Protector Protective gear made of layers of thick leather. DEF 21 Hero 90
Study Suit A thick piece of clothing made to last. DEF 20 Hero, Stacia, Will 20
Light Robe A light robe that covers from neck to toe. DEF 8 Stacia, Will 32
Traveller's Cloak DEF+5, Fire/Ice resistance+ All 270
Feather Accessory AGI +10 All 120

Points Shop

Name Description CRP
Asura's Crest 2X EXP (max 4) 20
Millionaire's Crest 2X Gold (max 4) 20
Master's Crest 2X Class Experience (max 4) 20
Battle God's Crest Slash/Lunge/Strike attack+++ (max 4) 20
Bad Religion's Crest Fire/Ice/Thunder/Holy/Death/Air/Earth/Sound attack+++ (max 4) 20
Crest of Stealth Avoid encounters with enemies (max 1) 40
Bandit's Crest Enemies always drop an item (max 1) 40
Fruit of Strength Increase STR by 3 (STR+3, ATK+3, HP+) 5
Fruit of Technique Increase TEC by 3 (TEC+3, ATK+1.5, DEF+1.5, AP+6, HP+) 5
Fruit of Vitality Increase VIT by 5 (VIT+5, DEF+5, HP+) 5
Fruit of Sorcery Increase SRC by 3 (SRC+3, MAG+6, MDF+1.5, AP+3) 5
Fruit of Mind Increase MND by 3 (MND+3, MAG+1.5, MDF+6, AP+3) 5
Fruit of Agility Increase AGI by 3 (AGI+3) 5
Divine Nectar Restores a character's HP/AP and status effects. 3