Sanga pt. 2

Written by MSG Commander

Once you get the map from the Informer, go back through Elmania Mountain Path and return to Sanga. Give the map to the Boatman, and he will now take you to the Desert Region.

You’ll have a few encounters with Kamur Band members along the way, but nothing you can’t handle.

Now that you've established a safe route, the Boatman will now take you freely between the Desert Region, Sanga, and Aristo - finally, no more Elmania Mountain Path!

The Desert Region

The enemies here may be much stronger than you’re used to, unless you’ve started in on some of the more advanced Classes. But remember, stronger enemies is a good thing; it means you’ll keep mastering more Classes. Be sure to take advantage of the free boat rides to Aristo to change your Class as soon as one is mastered.