Written by MSG Commander

GuideShop List

Sanga is just south of Elmania, and is the only city that has ships. It doesn’t seem to have much else, but go ahead and check the shops and search the town for treasure. Talk to the Young Woman in the boathouse to unlock Quest 15, and the Delivery Man (also in the Boathouse) to unlock Quest 18.

Talk to the Boatman and he’ll try to take you to the Desert Region… (While you’re waiting for the Boatman, there’s a small reputation event with Yuni. Choose "Yes" to raise your reputation.)

Yuni suggests that the Wise Guy (the Informer in Aristo) might know how to cross the sea… But before you leave Sanga, talk to the Boatman to unlock Quest 17, and go to the tavern and pick up any two of Will, Stacia, and Niecks.

(Note: you won’t be able to complete Quest 17 until you have control of your ship, which won’t be for some time, but if you’ve unlocked it then Siren will appear randomly as soon as you get your own ship.)

You may as well finish Quest 15, since the girl the teddy bear belongs to is in Elmania. She’s in the house by the Inn.


  • 15: Birthday present - talk to the Young Woman in the Boathouse
  • 17: Siren the mermaid - talk to the Boatman
  • 18: Accompany to Aristo - talk to the Delivery Man in the Boathouse


  • Shield Shell - search the pots outside the home in the northwest
  • Quality Herb - search the pots outside the home in the northwest
  • Blinding Liquid - search inside the home in the northwest
  • 550G - search inside the other home in the northwest
  • Waves - search behind the tree next to the Inn (there's a pot there, but you can barely see it)
  • Hatchet - search inside the home in the northeast
  • Black Darkness Stone - search the pot behind the weapon shop

Shop list by Old Chuck

Tools Shop

Name Description Cost
Herb Restores 100 HP for one character. 10
Quality Herb Restores 500 HP for one character. 120
Holy Water Restores 50 AP for one character. 80
Quality Holy Water Restores 150 AP for one character. 330
Analeptic Drug Cures KO status for one character. 500
Antidote Cures Poison for one character. 15
Awakening Drug Cures Sleep for one character. 30
Neurological Drug Cures Paralysis for one character. 30
Scorching Red Stone Unleashes Fire magic upon a single enemy. 100
Freezing Silver Stone Unleashes Ice magic upon a single enemy.  100
Golden Light Stone Unleashes Thunder magic upon a single enemy. 100

Equipment Shop

Name Description Equip To Cost
Blade A long sword produced in Iglu in the north. ATK 55 Hero 1440
Battle Dagger A dagger that is more specialized for battle. ATK 37 Hero 480
Hatchet A logging axe with a hard and sharp blade. ATK 45 Hero 1000
Large Mace A mace used by thaumaturgist warriors. ATK 45 Will 660
Plate Mail Heavy armor made from wrought iron. DEF 44, AGI- Hero 720
Protective Garment A piece of clothing with a special fiber woven into it. DEF 32 Hero, Will 450
Fang Accessory ATK+10 All 150
Seashell Accessory DEF+10 All 150
Talisman of Denumbing Nullifies Paralysis All 2400
Talisman of the Singing Heart Nullifies Silence All 2400
Silver Bracelet DEF+12 All 450