Special Location – Synthesizing Shop

Written by MSG Commander

The Synthesizing Shop is due west of Elmania, on the other side of the mountain range. You’ll have to travel north around the mountains to get there.

You don’t have to go to the Synthesizing Shop to complete the game, but it does offer some of the best weapons (and some armor that’s fun for awhile).

The way the shop works is you can synthesize any weapon, armor, or accessory in the list if you’ve collected the needed items. Finding all the materials to synthesize the gear here is almost a game in itself - and at this point, it’s not one you can win. For now, you’re probably better off just upgrading your gear in the shops in town.

You can synthesize whatever you want once you have the materials, but the end goal here is everyone’s “ultimate weapon.” You won’t be able to synthesize most of them until almost the end of the game, though.

Some of the other weapons are still stronger than anything you can find in the shops, so if you want to play with synthesizing some of the other weapons, armor, or accessories, knock yourself out. Some of the armor you find late in the game is better than what you can get here, but the Armor of the Great Gift and Dress of the Goddess are still fun to play with.

Check out the Synthesizing Guide for a list of all the items.