The Crystal World

Written by MSG Commander

GuideShop List

* This is another side event, but before you go to the Crystal World, put Yuni in your party and go talk to Rick in Zingaya. If you miss this event you won't be able to do it later!

(Also, while you're in Zingaya, buy 3 Talisman of Calm, and when you're in the Crystal World, equip them to 3 of your characters before you fight the last Guardian.)

Go back to the Forest of Illusions to the Witch's house, and she’ll open the seal to the Crystal World. (Go north, east, and south through the Forest.)

To reach the Crystal World, you have to through the Path to Fura, to the Lost Kingdom of Fura.

Enter the castle and examine the crystal ball, and you’ll be back in the Hero’s world. (If you need to get back to the real world for anything, you can talk to the soldier outside the castle, and he’ll let you back into the crystal room.)

In the Crystal World, the first thing you want to do is go talk to your Mother.

Leave your home afterward, and Morst will join your party. You want to go to the cave where you had your training way back at the start of the game, but first, hit up the shops in town. (They’re finally open!) You won’t be able to come back to these shops later, but all the weapons, armor, and accessories will be available later in the real world.

The weapon shop sells Izayoi, which you need for synthesizing.

When you’re ready, enter the cave where you trained and head to the back. When the apparition appears, search the wall to open a portal to the last Ancient Stele. (Make sure to equip the Talismans of Calm before you start this battle.)

Boss Battle

Sacred Guardian

  • 24,200 EXP/2,500G
  • drop Rapier of the White Knight
  • steal Gold Bracelet

Use Death skills (like Morst's Dark Ride) on Sacred Guardian to kill him quickly. As soon as this battle’s over, you’ll have a Boss battle with Gova.

Boss Battle


  • 53,000 EXP/3,150G
  • drop Pure White Talisman
  • steal Kris

The worst thing about this battle is that Gova constantly uses Confusion. The only sure way to counter this is to equip everyone with a Talisman of Calm. Without one of these on each party member, you could have a really hard time winning this battle.

Other than that, he's weak against Holy magic, and Smash skills seem to be effective as well.

After this battle, you wind up outside the cave. Follow the path for a bit, and either avoid the tornadoes, or approach them to fight Ravens. (Ravens are also in the Tower of Darkness, so I haven't listed them here as Enemies.)

When help arrives, watch the scene that unfolds. It’s pretty awesome.

Shop list by Old Chuck

Tools Shop

Name Description Cost
Finest Herb Fully restores HP for one character. 800
Finest Holy Water Fully restores AP for one character. 3000
Divine Nectar Fully restores HP/AP and status effects for one character. 10,000
All-Purpose Cure Cures all status ailments for one character. 200
Analeptic Drug Cures KO status for one character. 500
Power Coin Increases ATK for one character. 120
Guard Coin Increases DEF for one character. 120
Mana Coin Increases MAG for one character. 120
Soul Coin Increases MDF for one character. 120
Quick Coin Increases AGI for one character. 120
Shield Shell Halves physical damage for one character. 300
Barrier Shell Halves magic damage for one character. 300

Weapon Shop

Name Description Equip To Cost
Holy Sword of Fura A holy sword handed down in Fura through the ages. ATK 280, Attribute: Holy Hero 10800
Force Dagger A holy sword blessed by the goddess of battle. ATK 250, Attribute: Holy Hero 7000
Earth Splitting Axe An enormous axe that can tear apart the ground. ATK 285, Attribute: Earth Hero, Niecks 12500
Izayoi An arcane katana left by a master carpenter. ATK 290 Damia 13000
Hard Puncher A hard whip with no flexible parts. ATK 300 Stacia 12600
Death Needle ATK 440, Effect: High critical probability, Single attack Stacia 11700
Hydra A flail inspired by the legendary three-headed dragon. ATK 270, Attribute: Fire Yuni 13500
Holy Hammer ATK 255, Attribute: Holy, Skill: All Seal Yuni, Niecks 14400
Kaiser Knuckle A manifer modeled after that of the Battle God Holger. ATK 240 Pegoo 9600

Clothing Shop

Name Description Equip To Cost
Mythril Mail An armor made from rare mythril silver. DEF 158 Hero, Niecks 8700
Ninja Outfit DEF 110, Effect: Evasion/Strike resistance+ Hero, Yuni, Damia, Niecks 9800
Sage's Robe A mystical robe that maximizes magic power. DEF 122, MAG/MDF+ Yuni 13000
Dress of Silence DEF 101, Effect: Nullifies Sound attack Yuni, Damia 13500
Fountain of Heart Ring Restores AP every turn All 13500
Talisman of Sacred Protection Holy attack+ All 3000
Talisman of Black Darkness Death attack+ All 3000