The Hidden Village (Elmania Mountain Path)

Written by MSG Commander

Enter the Elmania Mountain Path and start heading east.

Before too long, you’ll come to a point where you’ll open a hole in the side of the path. That hole leads to the Hidden Village.

At the end of the first screen of the Hidden Village, heal your party and save your game!

As soon as you enter the second screen, there's a Boss battle.

Boss Battle

Rick, Kamur Band x 2

This battle can be tough. Rick uses Confuse, which has the capability of affecting all, and Dark Ride, which does significant damage to one.

Just use your skills and watch everyone’s health, and try to kill Rick first for your best chance at winning.

After the battle you get the Treasure Sword. Search the hideout for treasure, and then report back to the King of Elmania.

(Note: If you "Leave" the Hidden Village, it just puts you back on the mountain path. So, you'll have to "Leave" twice in order to exit this dungeon the easy way.)