The Natural Bastille

Written by MSG Commander

Make sure Will is in your party when you go to the Natural Bastille.

Sail to Zingaya and look for the small cave nestled in among the mountains. The Natural Bastille has three floors, and it's not too complicated if you follow the map.

Watch out for the Hard Gelatin - they're practically immune to physical attacks so you won't be able to Auto the battles in here.

Finding the Kamur Band Member

On the first floor, go east and follow the path around to a Grand Rapier. Now go back to the first screen, and take exit A to the second floor.

Go south and take exit B back up to the first floor, and you'll rescue the Kamur Band member.

Now you can go back to Zingaya, change your party, and come back for the rest of the treasure here.

(But, you might as well grab the Raging Fire Armor, since it's right in the room you're standing in...)

(Note: if you accept Quest 19 back in Zingaya, the item you need to complete the quest will be in this same room when you return to the Bastille.)

Finding the Remaining Treasure

From the first floor, take exit D down to the second floor. From here, take exit E down to the third floor. Go north to get a Scorching Red Talisman, then go southeast to get the Fat Boy.

Now take exit F to get Quality Holy Water, and now you can leave the Natural Bastille.