The Sacred Grotto

Written by MSG Commander

The Sacred Grotto is just southwest of Dodracka.

From the entrance, take the stairs in the west down to B1F. Go south to get a Blessed Dress and Talisman of Black Darkness. You'll see a big red crystal floating in the middle of the room; you can't do anything with it now but it will be important later.

For now, go back up to GF, and go west to get a Flame Axe, then east to get a Flame Tail. Now go north through exit B.

There are two treasures that you can get to on this screen: a Ring of Life, and Angel's Shoes. After you've got them, take exit C and prepare for a Boss battle.

Boss Battle


Gilles is weak against Holy, so use whatever you got of that type. Watch out for his Black Sheep because it'll damage all party members.

After this battle, you meet Pegoo! (And are forced to boot a party member - I say get rid of Niecks, because you'll most likely want Stacia's healing power for the next battle.) After the dialogue, walk up to the wall and press the confirm button, then choose "Yes" to open the path.

Before approaching the Stele, make sure to save your game and check everybody's health, skills, items, etc. Once you approach the Stele you have another Boss battle.

Boss Battle


After the battle, enjoy the show between Pegoo and Eppol, but when the dialogue is done, there's more treasure to find here.

Go north of the stele to get a Flash Edge, then take exit D in the northwest. Now follow the path around to a Ring of Heart, and that's it. When you’re done here, go back to Dodracka and talk to the Elder.