The Tower of Darkness

Written by MSG Commander

To reach the Tower of Darkness, fly to the island west of Zingaya. You’ll “drop” the Ancient Steles into place, and be able to land the airship and enter the tower.

Using Holy skills and Smash/Throw skills will pretty much annihilate anything in here, including the Demon King. When you face the Demon King, you’ll have to fight him twice, so be prepared with Healing skills and items just in case.

From the entrance, go west to exit A. Get the 13,000G, then go north and follow the path to exit B and get the Minotaur.

Now go back to the entrance, and go east to exit C. Follow the path north to exit D, and get the Damascus.

Now go back to the entrance again, and go northeast to exit E. Note that exit F goes nowhere, so grab the Dragon Scales Warring Axe right here, then go north to exit G for a Golden Thread Drape. Now go back one room, and take exit H to get a Dark Stalker.

Now, one more time, go back to the entrance. Now go west through exit I. Go north (past exit K; you'll come back to this one) and get the Holger's Necklace. Then go through exit J, and get a Finest Herb.

Now, you can keep pressing on, or you can go to the Synthesizing Shop and forge some more ultimate weapons.

Anyway, back track to exit K. Go north through exit L. Note that exit M leads nowhere, so go due east to exit N. Get the Fruit of Vitality on this screen, then go south through exit O. Go south through exit P and get 9900G, then come back and go east to exit Q.

Now go east through exit R to get a Kikoku, then come back one screen and go north to exit S.

Here, there are two portals; one to the south, and one to the west. The southern portal leads to a second portal, which leads to Pluto's Necklace. (Step on the portals in reverse order to get back to the main screen.) The west portal leads to a Demon's Ring.

Now, go through exit T, and just follow the path to another portal. This portal leads to the final room before the Boss. Grab the Basilisk here, then go north through exit X for the final Boss battle.

Boss Battle


The first round is fairly easy, but when he comes back for round two, he’s much stronger and takes a lot longer to kill.

Boss Battle Round 2


Holy skills work well against Geist, as does Adamantine Fist. Even if you’ve done the Adventurer’s Cave and the Water Temple, it takes awhile to win this battle, so be patient and watch everyone’s health. After it’s over, the credits will run.

After the credits are over, you’ll see some little “bonus” scenes with other party members. I believe you only see these scenes if your reputation with that member is high enough, but I don’t know this for certain. The only ones I’ve seen personally are Pegoo, Niecks, and Stacia.

When it’s all over, you’ll be asked to save your game data. Now you can start a new game plus - or you can load your data from this save slot, and you can complete the Epilogue (rescuing your father.)