The Undersea Cave

Written by MSG Commander

This dungeon takes forever! But fortunately you only have to go through it once…

If you run into Marine in here (Quest 20), do your best to steal a Mermaid's Tear.

On the first screen, just go north and circle around to the stairs down to the next floor.

On B1, go west as soon as you can and then follow the path around to Freezing Snow Armor. Then go back around, and head east from the small lake. Take the south exit to the next screen, and follow that path to the southeast for a Lead Outfit.

Now back to the first screen, and go south from the small lake. On this screen, skip exit B for now, and follow the path to the southwest for a Kihel's Talisman. Now go back and go through exit B.

Grab the Fruit of Agility, then go southwest along the bottom of the large lake.

Go northwest at the five stalactites, and get two treasures: Supreme Holy Water and Pluto's Ring.

Now go back to the five stalactites and go east, and follow the southern path to get Kris. Now go back to the stalactites and go south to the next screen.

On this screen, go southwest to get a Comet, then go east to the next screen.

Get the Talisman of Ever Morning in the southeast corner, then exit to the south to reach the final screen. Go east and get the Fruit of Sorcery on this screen, then exit to the south.

Once you’re back on the World Map, enter the cave to the northwest.