The Water Temple pt. 2

Written by MSG Commander

The Ancient Stele is on 3F, which means you’ll have to go through the first four levels of the Water Temple to get to it. The enemies on 2F and 3F are a bit stronger, but shouldn’t be a problem. (But the enemies on 4F-7F are another matter, and best saved for later…)

To Get to the Ancient Stele

From Room One (GF), look at the mirror in Room Two if Room One is flooded; otherwise go north to Room Three.

Go north to Room Four, and follow the path back around to Room Three. Take the stairs to Room One (1F).

Go north to Room Two, then west to Room Three.

Go south to Room One, and south again to Room Four. (Room Four should be flooded; if not, look at the mirror in Room One.) Take the northeast path to stairs to Room One (2F).

Floors 2F + 3F

Look at the mirror in Room One (2F), and go to north to Room Two, and north again to Room Three. Get the Thunder Armor, and go back to Room One, and look at the mirror to drain Room Two.

Now go north to Room Two, and again to Room Three, and take the steps to Room One (3F).

Look at the mirror in Room One (3F) and go south to Room Two. Go south to Room Three and get the Necklace of Thunder.

There are steps to (4F) here; if you try to go up them Eppol warns you that the enemies are stronger up ahead. You can go up to 4F at this point, but you don’t need to, so for now skip these steps and take the other north exit to Room Two.

Follow the path to steps down to Room Two (2F).

Take the north exit to Room Four. Look at the mirror in Room Four and take the steps up to Room Four (3F). As you enter this screen, you'll see a brief scene with the apparition.

Take the south exit to Room Two, and the southwest exit to Room Three. Get the Freezing Silver Talisman, and go all the way back to Room Four. Examine the wall where you saw the apparition, and go through the portal to a secret room (3F).

Go north to get the Glacial Necklace, and then follow the path to steps down to (2F). You’re now in the room with the Ancient Stele.

Boss Battle


Lunar shouldn't be that tough; just watch out for her Requiem attack, as it can do a lot of damage to your entire party. She can also put people to sleep, which will just make the battle take a bit longer.

Make sure you steal the Water Mirror Earring! You can use it for synthesizing.

Now you can go back to the Witch and open the path to the Crystal World.