The Water Temple

Written by MSG Commander

* The Water Temple is a pain. Finding your way around is a challenge, and on top of that, a number of enemies are immune to physical attacks, meaning you can’t auto your way through like you can in other places. But, if you want a challenge, don’t read this part. (But if you get stuck, this will help you through.)

Ground Floor

You enter the Water Temple on the Ground Floor.

The first room you enter (Room One of Water Temple GF) is flooded, with one available exit to the east. Room Two (the one to the east) has a mysterious mirror. If you look at it, it’ll drain the water from Room One, opening up the second path. (Look at it a second time, and it’ll flood Room One again.)

Having only looked at the mirror once, get the treasure from Room Two and go back to Room One.

Room One is now dry, and there’s a north exit that leads to Room Three. Room Three is flooded, with one north exit to Room Four. Room Four is flooded, with only one other path back to Room Three.

Back in Room Three, look at the mirror to drain the water in Room Four, and then take the stairs to the First Floor.

First Floor

You’re now in Room One of Water Temple 1F. Talk to the Adventurer in this room to unlock Quest 08. Ignore both of the mirrors in Room One and take the north exit to Room Two.

Room Two is flooded. Take the steps down to Room Four of the Ground Floor.

Ground Floor

Room Four is now dry. Take the path to the middle southern exit to Room Three and get the treasure there - a Glacial Ring. Now go back to Room Four and take the steps up to Room Two of the First Floor.

First Floor

Go back to Room One of Water Temple 1F. Look at the sword mirror one time. Now go back to Room Two. Get the treasure in Room Two - an Ice Pick - and take the west exit to Room Three.

Room Three is flooded. This is a good thing right now. There’s a square in the path that “floats” up and down with the water, and if Room Three was dry, that square would be down and you wouldn’t be able to get through.

Follow the path to the south exit, and you’ll wind up on the far side of Room One.

Go south just a little bit for a Boss battle.

Boss Battle

Evil Sword, Ice Phantom x2

Once you’ve beat the Evil Sword, you have what you need to go back to the Informer. But there’s one treasure in Room Four to the south. To get to it, look at the mirror in Room One to drain Room Four. Now go south to Room Four, and take the southeast exit to Room Five.

Now, get the treasure. That’s all you can do now. (If you try to go up the stairs to 2F, Eppol stops you and tells you you’re not strong enough yet.) So now you can leave the Water Temple.

Exiting the Water Temple

To get out, follow the steps below:

From Room Four of Water Temple 1F, go north to Room One. Look at the mirror, then go north to Room Three. Go to Room Two, then to the other side of Room One. From the east side of Room One, look at the mirror to flood Room Two, and take the stairs in Room One (1F) down to Room Three (GF.)

In Room Three (GF) look at the sword mirror to flood Room Four. Follow the path in Room Four to the western passage to Room Three. Follow Room Three south to Room One, and you’re out.

Now go back to Aristo, talk to the Informer, change your Classes, and get ready for your last time through Elmania Mountain Path (finally!)

By now, you should have enough CRP Points to buy your second Master’s Crest. Remember you only get Class experience if you fight monsters that are above your level, so you do not want the accessory that increases your experience (at least, not on your first play through.)

If you want to maximize the number of skills you can learn, keep the Hero equipped with a Master’s Crest at all times, and change Classes quickly whenever you get one to 100%.