The World Map

Written by MSG Commander

(This isn’t exactly a location, and if you’re an experienced player you can skip this section. )

Once you leave Rodwaal, your party will appear on the World Map. This is basically how you get from one location to the next. From the Menu screen, you can access the World Map by pressing the “Map” button.

A red arrow shows your current location, and any town or dungeon you’ve already been to will appear as a blue or red dot. If you move the cursor over each dot, you’ll be able to see the name of each location.

There are monsters on the World Map, and they’re different depending on what area you’re in. They’re also different than the monsters in caves and dungeons. Occasionally, a Quest will ask you to kill a certain number of monsters “in the area around” a town. This just means to fight the monsters on the World Map in that region.

On this part of the World Map, you’ll run into Panchos and Gangos. They don’t give much in the way of EXP or Gold, but they’re easy to kill and they’ll help you level up pretty quickly.