Zingaya pt. 2

Written by MSG Commander

After you free the guy in the Natural Bastille, go back to Zingaya. Damia vouches for you guys, and Rick at least agrees to leave you alone.

Talk to Damia in the tavern to learn the location of the Undersea Cave.

Talk to Madge (also in the tavern) to unlock Quest 19, and talk to the Woman in the home above the shops to unlock Quest 20.

Talk to Yuni in Rick’s house to get her back in your party. With Yuni in your party, go back to Aristo and talk to the Reverend for a reputation event.

When you’re done in Zingaya (and you've got the remaining treasure in the Natural Bastille), head south to the Undersea Cave. As you approach, Damia will chase after your party and tell you that Rodwaal’s in danger! Make sure Stacia is in your party before you go there.