Written by MSG Commander

GuideShop List

Make sure Niecks and Stacia are both in your party before you enter Zingaya! Stacia does not have a reputation event here, but you need her here for an event that's coming up.

Zingaya is just north of where the Boatman drops you. Rick (from the Hidden Village) is here, and arrests everyone in your party but Yuni. But Rick’s sister, Damia, agrees to release you if you will accompany her to the Natural Bastille, along with one of her attendants - either Madge or Zeon. (I don’t know if it makes a difference which attendant you select, but I chose Madge and got rid of Stacia.)

Search the town as Damia and find all the treasures, talk to all the people, etc. Buy Damia a Katana, and rest at the Inn if you need to. When you’re ready, go talk to Madge and leave Zingaya.

Get on the boat, but before you go to the Natural Bastille, go to Aristo and change Damia’s Class (and anyone else who needs changing). Also, make sure you put Will in your party before you enter the Natural Bastille!


  • All-purpose Cure - search the pots next to the home in the west
  • Analeptic Drug - search the pots in the marketplace
  • 1030G - search the pots in the marketplace
  • Scorching Red Stone - search inside the Inn
  • Fang Accessory - search inside the Inn
  • Namakura - search the pots outside the Inn
  • Hemp Outfit - search inside Rick's home

Shop list by Old Chuck

Tools Shop

Name Description Cost
Herb Restores 100 HP for one character. 10
Quality Herb Restores 500 HP for one character. 120
Supreme Herb Restores 1500 HP for one character. 300
Holy Water Restores 50 AP for one character. 80
Quality Holy Water Restores 150 AP for one character. 330
All-purpose Cure Cures all status ailments for one character. 200
Analeptic Drug Cures KO status for one character. 500
Shield Shell Halves physical damage for one character. 300
Barrier Shell Halves magic damage for one character. 300
Nervous Poison Chance to inflict Paralysis on a single enemy. 80
Sealing Charm Chance to inflict Silence on a single enemy. 80
Muddle Powder Chance to inflict Confusion on a single enemy. 80
Blinding Liquid Chance to inflict Blind on a single enemy. 70

Weapon Shop

Name Description Equip To Cost
Blade A long sword produce in Iglu in the north. ATK 55 Hero 1440
Qatar A peculiarly shaped short sword with multiple blades. ATK 66 Hero, Damia 1300
Tomahawk An axe made to cut as well as possible. ATK 85 Hero 1800
Katana A long sword with a single-edge blade. ATK 72 Hero, Niecks 1200
Hard Tail A whip made by knitting hard leather. ATK 75 Stacia 1550
Heavy Rod A baton with a heavy and sharp mineral mounted on it. ATK 65 Yuni, Niecks 1230

Clothing Shop

Name Description Equip To Cost
Plate Mail Heavy armor made from wrought iron. DEF 44, AGI- Hero, Niecks 720
Hemp Outfit DEF 55, Fire resistance+ Hero, Niecks, Damia 780
Hemp Cloak DEF+16, Ice/Thunder resistance+ All 630
Wind Talisman Evasion+ All 810
Talisman of Fortitude Nullifies Terror All 1800
Talisman of Calm Nullifies Confusion All 2400
Talisman of the Light of Dawn Nullifies Blindness All 1800
Holy Man's Ring Holy resistance+ All 1500
Pluto's Ring Death resistance+ All 1500
Gold Bracelet DEF +25 All 720