Jobs List

Written by LemmyTheLenny

Hello and welcome to the full list of jobs in RPG DarkGate by Hitpoint.  It has all of the skills, Resistances, and equipment for the jobs! Before you look, I will tell you about the legend.

Stat Changes

When you change jobs, your stats will increase and decrease by a set number in order for you to use the skills and abilities of a job effectively. This means that anyone can be a fighter if they wanted to despite having low base strength and still be good at being a fighter.


Red skills mean that they are done via battle commands (ie. Pausing the battle to input a command and then having your character perform the selected command when their turn comes up.)

Basic commands include "Attack, Defend, Item, Etc."

NOTE: The game will always default to the basic Attack command unless the Attack command is removed. If you want someone to continuously use the same command other than attack, then you will have to remove the attack command and put the desired command at the top of the list.

Maroon skills are passive skills.

They are skills that affect your character's stats, the weapons they can equip, and the resistances a character has.

The number of skill slots depends on the character's Job tier. A character that is a Godhand (Special tier) will have 6 skill slots while a Scout (Base Tier) will only have 2 passive skill slots.

Blue skills are all skills that require a Skill orb to use as well as MP.

You can combine many command skills  in order to create a new and more powerful skill such as combining a string of Fire-Thunder-Fire magic to create Flame Storm. Make sure to experiment with all of the skills at your disposal!

Equipment & magic

Pretty self-Explanatory, really.

Sword-No special effects, best used in front row.
Spear- Can attack from back row at full power.
Bow-Can attack from back row at full power.
Axe-Powerful front row weapons.
Claws-Weak front row weapons that allow dual-wielding.
Rod-Raises magic and some of them have an attack that casts a spell on the enemy.
Knife-Weak front row weapons that will usually inflict status aliments.
Projectile(throw)-Versatile back row weapons that can hit multiple enemies in a row at once.

Fire-Allows for use of Fire elemental magic.
Wind-Allows for use of Wind elemental magic.
Thunder-Allows for use of Thunder elemental magic.
Ice-Allows for use of Ice elemental magic.
Support(Sup)-Allows for status ailment magic.
Recovery(Rec)-Allows for healing magic.
Light-Allows you to cast "Holy."
Dark-Allows you to cast "Curse."
(No really, there's only one light and dark magic skill.)

NOTE: Only males can equip axes while only females can equip hair accessories regardless of job. Armor is also self-explanatory too. You can only equp weapons and armor that the jobs allows you to equip. The same goes with magic. however, if you have an "Equip X" Skill for a particular piece of gear you want to equip, then you can allow a Healer class to use a sword when they would normally be unable to.


As with all RPG games, They come with a handful of status ailments that either you or the monsters can cast to hinder battle performance. They can all be healed with "Medica"(Deacon JLv2) or with specific items.

Poison(Psn)- Character loses HP  every time they perform an action in battle. Cured with Antidote.
Silence(Mute)-Chatracter cannot use magic. Cured with Lozenges.
Confusion(Cfs)-Character will attack anyone on the battlefield. Even their own allies or themselves. Cured by taking damage.
Paralyzed(Para)- Speed is decreased as well as Skill orb Speed. Cured with Acupuncture Needle.
Sleep(Slp)-Cannot do anything. Cured naturally or with a Large Fan. Attacking won't wake up the character.
Stop-Cannot do ANYTHING for a short time. Cured with an Hourglass.
Pressure(Press)-Cuts speed in half.
Berserk-Lose control and only attack enemies but with increased ATK power.
Instant Death(Kill)-Instantly kill a target.
Petrified(Stone)-Cannot do anything. Cured with Fairy Dust. Does not wear off. If everyone gets petrified, GAME OVER.

F=Female only class.
M=Male only Class
Q=You can only unlock this job by completing a quest. Try to complete all of the quests if you want all jobs to be mastered.
All Special tier jobs require a "Divine Bead" that can be stolen from "Thor", A monster found in B80-90 in the eastern bonus dungeon. You will need at least 8 of them to unlock all of the special jobs.