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Sakura says:
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Short with untapped potential

Dark Seven was a decent but, very short budget rpg. Unlike most of Magitec’s games, Dark Seven lacks a New Game+ which means that the game’s class system is underwhelming and feels unnecessary.

The story revolves around paintings that makes their owners incredibly powerful but, corrupts them. By the start of the story, most of the world is under the thumb of the various kings that have the paintings. The hero’s amnesia is heavily tied into the paintings and the man who painted them.

While there are difficulty spikes, gaining a few levels usually is enough to bypass them. The “Style” skill system is a set of 20 different styles that function as classes. The basic classes are unlocked as party members join, others require x levels in various other classes, at least two require progressing the game’s optional area which is a boss rush and the last is behind IAP. Certain skills can break the game similar to Dead Dragons(Multi-hit skills).

Other than the boss-rush area, the post-game is a single dungeon that ends with a pallete swap of the final boss. Some of the treasures there are weaker than the final dungeon.

While Dark Seven released in 2014(Japan), the initial copyright date is 2012 which means Dark Seven began development around the time of Covenant of Solitude and Chrome Wolf. Unlike those games, Dark Seven is about 5hrs long and without a NG+, it feels like an unfinished Soul Historica.

  • Large class system, 20 classes
  • Interesting story especially with Alzer's origins
  • Short, roughly 5-6hrs
  • No NG+
  • Multi-hit attacks can one-shot bosses
  • Little post-game content

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