Dead Dragons

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Xuande says:
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This dragon should stay dead

Takes a few hours to warm up, but still can’t compete with other games in the Kemco portfolio.

Music is awful, art and backgrounds are well done, but the character and enemy sprites look like crap.

Wild Arms 2 level of translation, yes really. Beneath all of the awkward engrish there are some interesting plot points in the second half.

Economy sucks as well. Prices are insane vs gold earned. Edit: There are accessories later in the game to negate this.

Tap controls are semi-bugged as well. There is a decent amount of gameplay here, but the first half is a bit of a slog.

I did become invested in the characters, and was glad to see most of them get closure during the ending.

Overall it was in the lower tier of Kemco games I’ve played. If you ever see it on sale and you’re hard up for a JRPG, than it will hit the spot, it’s just a bit rough around the edges.

Completed in 10.5 hours.

  • It is a vanilla JRPG, more or less.
  • Well done character art.
  • Heal points for easy grinding.
  • Can earn premium currency in game.
  • The ear grating midi music.
  • Horrendously bad translation ruins a decent premise.
  • Overpriced equipment every town.
  • Half-baked battle system.

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