Monster Guide

Written by 1oldtymer

The [Monster Guide] Item can be obtained by speaking to the old man in the library in Surja.

# Name Location Drop Steal
1 Mountain Rabbit Forest behind Village None None
2 Hornet
  • Forest behind Village
  • Cave behind Forest
Mental Medicine None
3 Wolf
  • Forest behind Village
  • Cave behind Forest
Ointment None
4 Thief Town of Kashim vicinity Medicine of Resurrection None
5 Slime Traveler's Route Ointment None
6 Mimic Traveler's Route Escape Stone None
7 Skeleton Traveler's Route Portable Food Set None
8 Dindas Peal Traveler's Route Ancient Secret Medicine None
9 Pirate
  • (On the ocean near Surja)
  • Village of Ludo
Ointment Ointment
10 Vulture Rone Desert vicinity Ointment Antidote
11 Scorpion Rone Desert vicinity Portable Food Set Mental Medicine
12 Will o' the Wisp Ruin in Sand Sea Mental Medicine Awake Mint
13 Zombie Ruin in Sand Sea Escape Stone Analeptic
14 Golem Ruin in Sand Sea
  • Portable Food Set /
  • High Ointment
  • Ointment /
  • Magical Shield Stone
15 Milgante Ruin in Sand Sea Ultra Ointment Crest Orb
16 Sea Anemone
  • Dock vicinity
  • Mountain Path to Shrine
Medicine of Resurrection Paralysis Remover
17 Goblin
  • Dock vicinity
  • Mountain Path to Shrine
Mental Medicine Ointment
18 Plant Town of Tali vicinity Wing of Pegasus Eye Drop Herb
19 Brujo Town of Tali vicinity
  • ??? /
  • High Mental Medicine
Mental Medicine
20 Pirate Chief Village of Ludo Crest Orb Ankh of Power
21 Medusa Head Forgotten Ruin Tears of Medusa Tears of Medusa
22 Man-Eating Grass Forgotten Ruin
  • Awake Mint /
  • All Purpose Herbal Cure
23 Gargoyle Forgotten Ruin Medicine of Resurrection
  • Ointment /
  • Magical Mind Stone
24 Granzeft Forgotten Ruin Elixir Exorcising Holy Water
25 Eagle Town of Maquil vicinity Ointment Antidote
26 Firant Town of Maquil vicinity Medicine of Resurrection Paralysis Remover
27 Cave Wasp Cave of Emptiness Exorcising Water Unsealing Medicine
28 Crookbook Cave of Emptiness
  • Magical Wall Stone /
  • Magical Power Stone
Magical Wall Stone
29 Lizard Man Cave of Emptiness ?
  • Escape Stone /
  • High Ointment
30 Dullahan Cave of Emptiness Secret Medicine of Life Soma
# Name Location Drop Steal
31 Blob D. R. Installation Facility Analeptic Eye Drop Herb
32 Argatardo D. R. Installation Facility
  • Ointment /
  • High Ointment
33 Screvass D. R. Installation Facility Wing of Pegasus
  • Mental Medicine /
  • All Purpose Herbal Cure
34 Killer Rabbit Epsilom Castle vicinity Evil-calling Water Mental Medicine
35 Assassin Epsilom Castle vicinity Magical Power Stone Escape Stone
36 Imperial Soldier Epsilom Castle High Ointment Magical Shield Stone
37 Dark Mage Ruin where Devils Gather High Mental Medicine Magical Wall Stone
38 Chaos Wisp Ruin where Devils Gather All Purpose Herbal Cure Tears of Medusa
39 Dark Night Ruin where Devils Gather
  • High Ointment /
  • Ultra Ointment
  • Ointment /
  • Ancient Secret Medicine
40 Flauros Ruin where Devils Gather Cane of Whirling Waves Secret Medicine of Knowledge
41 Aurobe Path of Swinging Wind Paralysis Remover Eye Drop Herb
42 Blue Hornet Path of Swinging Wind Magical Mind Stone Wing of Pegasus
43 Gundec Path of Swinging Wind
  • Magical Wing Stone /
  • Ancient Secret Medicine
  • Magical Wing Stone /
  • Feather Boots
44 Marchosias Path of Swinging Wind Elixir Secret Medicine of Power
45 Guillem Town of Yajera vicinity High Ointment Ointment
46 Burgle Town of Yajera vicinity All Purpose Herbal Cure Magical Shield Stone
47 Ghoul Deltira Castle Underground High Ointment Mental Medicine
48 Wight Deltira Castle Underground Portable Food Set All Purpose Herbal Cure
49 Warwolf Energy Charge Station Portable Food Set High Ointment
50 Gorgon Head Energy Charge Station All Purpose Herbal Cure All Purpose Herbal Cure
51 Shoggoth ? Analeptic Paralysis Remover
52 Pazuzu ? Tears of Medusa Wing of Pegasus
53 Hobgoblin Holy Shrine of the Seal Medicine of Resurrection Escape Stone
54 Spartoi Holy Shrine of the Seal Magical Shield Stone High Mental Medicine
55 Silver Golem Holy Shrine of the Seal
  • High Ointment /
  • ???
  • Magical Mind Stone /
  • ???
56 Aurora Holy Shrine of the Seal Cane of Megaseism Crest Orb
57 Puilani Dark Shrine of the Seal All Purpose Herbal Cure Awake Mint
58 Buell Dark Shrine of the Seal
  • High Mental Medicine /
  • Ultra Ointment
Medicine of Resurrection
59 Yolumgun Dark Shrine of the Seal Ancient Secret Medicine
  • High Ointment /
  • Talisman against Evil
60 Drole Dark Shrine of the Seal Talisman of Mentality Secret Medicine of Defense
# Name Location Drop Steal
61 Gicheck Village of Noname vicinity
  • Exorcising Water /
  • ???
62 Romuns Village of Noname vicinity
  • Eye Drop Herb /
  • Secret Medicine of Life
Awake Mint
63 Shalulum Forest of Space Trees High Ointment Paralysis Remover
64 Dandeim Forest of Space Trees Evil-calling Water
  • High Ointment /
  • Ankh of Power
65 Octenoc Forest of Space Trees
  • Magical Mind Stone /
  • Ancient Secret Medicine
  • Magical Shield Stone /
  • Ultra Ointment
66 Vivre Forest of Space Trees Piece of Time Crest Orb
67 Acraba Inside of the Comet
  • High Mental Medicine /
  • Secret Medicine of Speed
Medicine of Resurrection
68 Boclog Inside of the Comet High Ointment
  • High Ointment /
  • Ultra Ointment
69 Breda Inside of the Comet
  • Magical Wall Stone /
  • ???
Tears of Medusa
70 Jotun Inside of the Comet
  • Ankh of Power /
  • Secret Medicine of Power
  • Medicine of Resurrection /
  • Ancient Secret Medicine
71 Dela Valente Inside of the Comet Wotan's Spear Soul of Sword King
72 Gabulagun Inside of the Comet Marduk Piece of Time
73 Will of the Comet Inside of the Comet Soma Elixir
74 Will of the Mutated Comet Inside of the Comet None None
75 Carvilly Ruin of Frozen Time
  • Exorcising Holy Water /
  • Secret Medicine of Mind
All Purpose Herbal Cure
76 Kraken Ruin of Frozen Time
  • Ultra Mental Medicine /
  • Secret Medicine of Knowledge
Exorcising Water
77 La Zatlier Ruin of Frozen Time
  • Ancient Secret Medicine /
  • Secret Medicine of Defense
  • Magical Power Stone /
  • Ankh of Martial
78 Zigzear Ruin of Frozen Time
  • Ultra Ointment /
  • Crest Orb
  • High Ointment /
  • Bangle of Twilight
79 Diabolic Aurora Ruin of Frozen Time None
  • Evil-calling Water /
  • ???
80 Ciriatto
  • Wing of Pegasus /
  • ???
  • Mental Medicine /
  • ???
81 Sand Box Desert region (World Map) Flower of Heat Haze Ultra Ointment
82 Snow Box Snow region (World Map) Flower of Moonlight Ultra Mental Medicine
83 Ames Arena (Team battle) All Purpose Herbal Cure Awake Mint
84 Trout Arena (Team battle) Ultra Ointment Wing of Pegasus
85 Wizard Arena (Team battle) Ultra Mental Medicine Magical Mind Stone
86 Fencer Arena (Team battle) Ancient Secret Medicine Magical Power Stone
87 Fin Crevice Arena (Team battle)
  • Magical Wall Stone
  • Soma
Ultra Ointment
88 Howgenti Arena (Team battle)
  • Magical Shield Stone /
  • Piece of Time
  • Ancient Secret Medicine /
  • ???
89 Queynac Arena (Lidim) None None
90 Chalulura Arena (Lidim) None None
# Name Location Drop Steal
91 Nalcusuz Arena None None
92 Breta Arena None None
93 Grangaist Arena None None
94 Frakanvire Arena None None
95 Moono Arena None None
96 Enofas Arena None None
97 Baal Arena None Barrier Breaking Amulet
98 Hipulka Arena None None
99 Nebulos Arena None None
100 Takrusha Arena None None
101 Rakrusha Arena None None
102 Luocoosha Arena None None
103 Poleva Arena None None
104 Brubager Arena None None
105 Larsha Tarsha Arena None None
106 Colnova Arena None None
107 Delphyne Arena None None
108 Neuem Arena None None
109 Silver Evil Beast
  • Ruin in Sand Sea
  • (Sealed Chest)
Crest Crystal Corsesca
110 Red Evil Beast
  • Mountain Path to Shrine
  • (Sealed Chest)
Talisman of Guard Mjollnir
111 Blue Evil Beast
  • Holy Shrine of the Seal
  • (Sealed Chest)
Talisman of Mana Agas Verlace
112 King of Emptiness Ruin of Frozen Time Elixir ???
113 Peelinack Ruin of Dreams ??? Magical Mind Stone
114 Bandit Ruin of Dreams
  • ???
  • ???
Magical Wing Stone
115 Rihgalet Ruin of Dreams Medicine of Resurrection Magical Power Stone
116 Mage Keeper Ruin of Dreams Crest Crystal ???
117 Dark Raider Ruin of Illusion Portable Food Set Magical Shield Stone
118 Blue Scorpion Ruin of Illusion High Mental Medicine High Mental Medicine
119 Galelior Ruin of Illusion
  • ???
  • Ankh of Mind
Magical Wall Stone
120 Darawraith Ruin of Illusion Crest Crystal Secret Medicine of Life
121 Warlock (Crag's Scenario) ??? None
122 Soldier (Crag's Scenario) High Ointment None
123 Commander (Crag's Scenario) Soul of Sword King None
124 Pirates Men (Fruitie's Scenario) High Ointment None
125 Pirates Minions (Fruitie's Scenario) High Mental Medicine None
126 Great Octopus (Fruitie's Scenario) Sacred Star None
127 Forest Wolf (Spirit's Scenario) High Mental Medicine None
128 Big Falcon (Spirit's Scenario) High Ointment None
129 Wyvern (Spirit's Scenario) Ankh of Castle Wall None