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Mastertrek says:
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The Chronicles of Nerds: Snow White, The Dwarves and The Mirror.

A long time ago, in another Galaxy, lived the Nerdiest Nerds of the world. One day, while they paid a visit to their old friend, they were transported to a Parallel World, where everything can happen. The “Heroes” explore the World, Save The Princesses, fight Dragons.. all while eating Fast Food.

Doom and Destiny is a fantastic RPG game! Meet Johnny, Nigel, Mike and Francis as they find themselves in hilarious situations, in the World where Easter Eggs lie at every corner.. at least if you can punch the Door well enough. You’ll visit a lot of fantastic Towns (The Town where prople throw Golz off the Mountsins..), Forests (No, Not Gump. Unless..) and Castles (Sorry, Red, but the Princess is in another Castle!).

The Heroes fight in Turn-Based Combat, every Action has a Cooldown, which forces you to use all Powers Wisely. Items are very useful in long Battles and Enemies are hilarious.

The game is amazing if you can stand inside jokes and/or strange language (Insults or some ememy/Item names may be either funny or bad).

I recommend this game with all my heart!

  • Amazing Story!
  • The Heroes are not what you could expect!
  • The World is big and has lots of secrets to discover!
  • Funny scenes, you'll laugh over and over when you'll talk to NPC's.
  • Fetch Quests! ..
  • ..that even Heroes hate!

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