Written by Most Useless Person Ever

01 Rianne the Bard

Client: Bard, Rianne

Location: Beigenthal City

Description: Please procure 1 Beast Whisker for me, so I can fix my broken lute string. They can be obtained from the Howlingers that live in Marone Cave.

Reward: Rianne will join the party.

02 Bradford the Villager

Client: Villager, Bradford

Location: Beigenthal City

Description: Please let me know when you are ready to leave the city, Prince Abram! I will do my best to be an asset to you in your quest!

Reward: Bradford will join the party.

03 Letter to a Grandson

Client: Old Man

Location: Beigenthal City

Description: My grandson's name is Alexander and he lives in Firwood Village. Now please make sure that letter gets to him.

Reward: Mid-Potion x2, Mid-Herb x2

04 Titus the Hunter

Client: Hunter, Titus

Location: Firwood Village

Description: The legendary ghost, Ghavijer, has been sighted multiple times in Marone Cave in recent days. If you do happen to encounter it, I ask you inform me!

Reward: Titus will join the party.

05 A Husband's Gift

Client: Woman

Location: Firwood Village

Description: Please find the monster that fled to Marone Cave with the Brooch left to me by my late husband and take it back for me!

Reward: 5 Kinds of Medicine

06 Bastian the Thief

Client: Thief, Bastian

Location: Foresta Village

Description: Heh heh heh. So are you ready to fight?

Reward: Bastian will join the party.

07 Please Find My Sister

Client: Guy

Location: Foresta Village

Description: My little sister, Carissa, headed southwest of the village toward the Heroes' Shrine. Now please find out if she's safe!

Reward: Mid-Ether

08 Lucia the Dancer

Client: Dancer, Lucia

Location: Cascafalls City

Description: Please check up on my older sister, okay? Her name is Julia and she's supposed to be working at the inn in Beigenthal City.

Reward: Lucia will join the party.

09 Flowers for a Grave

Client: Lady

Location: Cascafalls City

Description: Please see if you can find where some Mokimi Daisies, a favorite flower of my dead father, bloom up on Gringe Pass.

Reward: High Herb x2

10 Ariel the Duelist

Client: Duelist, Ariel

Location: Hilburow City

Description: You should be able to find a Spellbook in Cascafalls City and a Battle Guide here in Hilburow City.

Reward: Ariel will join the party.

11 Ore Muncher

Client: Man

Location: Hilburow City

Description: I'm positive if you search Mount Verde you'll come across that ore-munching beast sooner or later! Now good luck with slaying it!

Reward: High Ether x3

12 Morgan the Merchant

Client: Merchant, Morgan

Location: Knolack Village

Description: Place that Luscious Steak in the marsh on the east side of Atel Grotto near the sea to lure the monster out of hiding. That's the one I want you to get rid of!

Reward: Morgan will join the party.

13 Delivery to Merchants

Client: Man

Location: Knolack Village

Description: You should be able to find my buyers in Cascafalls City, Foresta Village, and Firwood Village. Now make sure those weapons I forged are delivered to them!

Reward: Herb Stew x2

14 Lydia the Sage

Client: Sage, Lydia

Location: Dunestrand Port

Description: So are you ready to begin my little experiment? Hurry up and GET ready then! I have been really itching to blast you with my magic!

Reward: Lydia will join the party.

15 Missing Recruits

Client: Soldier

Location: Dunestrand Port

Description: Do whatever it takes to find my 3 missing recruits in Atel Grotto!

Reward: Holy Flute

16 Charlotte the Knight

Client: Knight, Charlotte

Location: Arthwa Labyrinth

Description: I know I must have dropped my Pendant, which was a gift from my father, somewhere in the poison marsh. I apologize, but would you please try to find it?

Reward: Charlotte will join the party.

17 Aurora the Revenant

Client: Revenant, Aurora

Location: Fischer Village

Description: I can sense the 3 pieces of my soul are in Beigenthal City, Cascafalls City, and Hilburow City. Now find them and bring them here...

Reward: Aurora will join the party.


All pieces are found on the World Map, outside of their respective cities.

Beigenthal City piece is found southeast of the city.

Cascafalls City piece is found north of the city.

Hilburow City piece is found southwest of the city.

18 Sea Monster

Client: Guy

Location: Fischer Village

Description: In the sea south of the village, incidents of a monster attacking ships have increased. Now please deal with this monster, so our lives can return to normal!

Reward: Gemstone (S) x3

19 Kepler the Monk

Client: Monk, Kepler

Location: Gelph Prison

Description: After you find the Priceless Jewel I hid in the poison marsh northeast of Cascafalls City, deliver it to an elf woman named Ella in Dunestrand Port!

Reward: Kepler will join the party.

20 In Need of Medicine

Client: Man

Location: Gelph Prison

Description: Make sure to get that Elixir to my sick mother living in Beigenthal City. You're the only one I can trust to do it...

Reward: Ultra Ether x2

21 Catherine the Baker

Client: Baker, Catherine

Location: Fountus Town

Description: In order to create the ultimate dessert, I'll need 3 Lamna Fillets and some Golden Honey from the Lamna Fish in the sea and Demonablobs near here.

Reward: Catherine will join the party.

Lamna Fish can be found along the island's coast north of the Fountus Town. "Some" Golden Honey means 3 Golden Honey.

22 Moss Collectors

Client: Guy

Location: Fountus Town

Description: At this time, if I could get you to bring me back 5 Brassica Moss from Loseus Mine, it would help me more than you know.

Reward: Memantine

23 Clarke the Chevalier

Client: Chevalier, Clarke

Location: Urgle Volcano

Description: If we can find a travelling physician, we may be able to get a Memantine from them and restore Clarke's memories. Let us visit each settlement!

Reward: Clarke will join the party.

24 Abducted Brother

Client: Lady

Location: Beigenthal City

Description: Please save my brother who was carried off to Urgle Volcano by a monster!

Reward: Dream Fragment

25 Bounty Hunters

Client: Man

Location: Timberfel Village

Description: As far as I know, this criminal has holed himself up in Scanni Hollow. Now I want you to go there and deal with him!

Reward: Crystal (M) x3