Enemy List

Written by MSG Commander

# Name Location Drop Steal
1 Slime Thieves' Hideout Health Potion None
2 Chameleon
  • Thieves' Hideout
  • Ildina Town vicinity
Magic Tonic None
3 Thief Thieves' Hideout Health Potion None
4 Plant
  • Ildina Town Vicinity
  • Renan Forest
Health Potion Antidote
5 Forest Bug Renan Forest Magic Tonic Smelling Salts
6 Grizzly Renan Forest Ultimate Potion None
7 Ghost Abandoned Mine Revive Eye Drops
8 Cave Shell Abandoned Mine Health Potion Smelling Salts
9 Goblin Abandoned Mine Observation Scope Seal Destroyer
10 Golem Abandoned Mine Shadow Armor None
11 Bandit Wilrinal Town vicinity Health Potion Seal Destroyer
12 Giant Hornet
  • Wilrinal Town vicinity
  • Neluzia Ruins
Antidote Observation Scope
13 Red Shark Neluzia Ruins Revive Health Potion
14 Zombie Neluzia Ruins Observation Scope Paralyze Heal
15 Fire Hound Neluzia Ruins Revival Elixir None
16 Maneater Alnofa, the Sacred Mountain Eye Drops Stimulant
17 Thunder Slime Alnofa, the Sacred Mountain Magic Tonic Magic Tonic
18 Slaydoruk Alnofa, the Sacred Mountain Ion Turret None
19 Mace Hanomilia Miracle Magic None
20 Glass-shell Liebertend vicinity Eye Drops Health Potion
21 Witch
  • Liebertend vicinity
  • Olka Highway
  • Magic Tonic
  • Grand Tonic
Small Candy
22 Parleom Olka Highway Warding Seal Magic Tonic
23 Green Bear Olka Highway Camping Set Revive
24 Trine Olka Highway Holy Elixir Miracle Strength
25 Elio Olka Highway Magic Elixir Miracle Speed
# Name Location Drop Steal
26 Reudo Olka Highway Health Elixir Nectar
27 Goblin Klanruk vicinity Health Potion Health Potion
28 Skipra
  • Klanruk vicinity
  • Nornretta Ruins
Seal Destroyer Antidote
29 Ectoplasm Nornretta Ruins Attracting Seal Magic Tonic
30 Fire Golem Nornretta Ruins Camping Set Seal Destroyer
31 Reul Nornretta Ruins True Elixir Miracle Spirit
32 Forreth Nornretta Ruins Positron Converter Miracle Magic
33 Brysheno The Empire of Galvaris vicinity Grand Potion Magic Tonic
34 Namnsutt
  • The Empire of Galvaris vicinity
  • Lomiras Ruins
Revive Observation Scope
35 Blue Shark Lomiras Ruins Stimulant Crystal of Recall
36 Living Armor Lomiras Ruins
  • Grand Potion
  • Ultimate Potion
  • Attracting Seal
  • Strength Charm
37 Bornorg Lomiras Ruins Endurance Charm Miracle Defense
38 Judoa Lomiras Ruins Nectar Miracle Health
39 Spectre Saintnom Village vicinity Grand Potion Crystal of Recall
40 Blob
  • Saintnom Village vicinity
  • Merekka Cave
Heal Smelling Salts
41 Evil Witch Merekka Cave
  • Grand Tonic
  • Ultimate Tonic
Warding Seal
42 Drake Merekka Cave Fusion Drive Ancient Elixir
43 Maneater Neluzia Forest Grand Potion Grand Tonic
44 Hobgoblin Neluzia Forest Camping Set Grand Potion
45 Hellhound Neluzia Forest Wall Charm Miracle Warding
46 Guelleot Imperial Research Lab vicinity Small Candy Buckshot
47 Berzello Imperial Research Lab
  • Grand Potion
  • Banishing Seal
Attracting Seal
48 Ghoul Imperial Research Lab Heal Crystal of Recall
49 Evil Soldier Imperial Research Lab Hollow Points
  • Grand Potion
  • Endurance Charm
50 Slaytross Imperial Research Lab Plasma Cannon Miracle Speed
# Name Location Drop Steal
51 Rafflesia Lunemont Tower vicinity
  • Grand Potion
  • Ultimate Potion
52 Phantom Lunemont Tower Crystal of Recall Seal Destroyer
53 Sorcerer Lunemont Tower Magic Bullets Silver Bullets
54 Klamreinz Lunemont Tower
  • Heal
  • Panacea
  • Grand Tonic
  • Ultimate Tonic
55 Summoned Armor Schatten Lunemont Tower EX Tank Rune Cannon
56 Brigand Zalgatwa Temple vicinity
  • Grand Potion
  • Soul Amulet
Eye Drops
57 Blue Gel Zalgatwa Temple Magic Elixir Grand Potion
58 Wight Zalgatwa Temple Weapon Crusher
  • Paralyze Heal
  • Magic Charm
59 Baiermoore Zalgatwa Temple
  • Camping Set
  • Ancient Elixir
Armor Crusher
60 Elio Zalgatwa Temple Magic Elixir Miracle Speed
61 Reudo Zalgatwa Temple Health Elixir Exploder
62 Bornorg Zalgatwa Temple Soldier's Charm Miracle Strength
63 Summoned Armor Mond Zalgatwa Temple Tachyon Drive Gluon Converter
64 Berdonte Hidden Village vicinity Crystal of Recall Paralyze Heal
65 Sheddritus Hidden Village vicinity Warding Seal Stimulant
66 Moulian Arshedd Headquarters vicinity
  • Ultimate Tonic
  • Panacea
67 Mellealyn Arshedd Headquarters Armor Crusher
  • Grand Potion
  • Banishing Seal
68 Orc Arshedd Headquarters Ultimate Potion Grand Tonic
69 Voulsed Arshedd Headquarters
  • Revive
  • Attack Bullets
  • Cyrstal of Recall
  • Ancient Elixir
70 Mace Arshedd Headquarters Runed Orb Miracle Spirit
71 Lace Celestial Bridge
  • Ultimate Tonic
  • Magic Elixir
  • Magic Bullets
  • Fusion Drive
72 Ammonite Celestial Bridge
  • Camping Set
  • Force Shield
  • Heal
  • Banishing Seal
73 Chaos Knight Celestial Bridge
  • Panacea
  • Zero Blaster
  • Ultimate Potion
  • Protective Charm
74 Golden Golem Celestial Bridge
  • Ultimate Potion
  • Health Elixir
  • Revive
  • Black Hole Drive
75 Reul Celestial Bridge Strathia Miracle Warding
# Name Location Drop Steal
76 Trine Celestial Bridge Zeilalter Miracle Health
77 Forreth Celestial Bridge Holy Elixir Nectar
78 Summoned Armor Welt Celestial Bridge None None
79 Marbas Layrix Temple Miracle Spirit Miracle Spirit
80 Agathion Layrix Temple Bandit King's Bracelet Wall Charm
81 Vaoreid * Layrix Temple Soldier's Charm Energy Tank
82 Lindwurm Layrix Temple Tome of Stigmata Life Charm
83 Leviathan ** Neluzia Ruins Runed Orb Miracle Health
84 Geryon ** Nornretta Ruins Kranlettwil Zeilalter
85 Greipdeil ** Lomiras Ruins Tome of Destruction Miracle Magic
86 Ammie ** Lunemont Tower Runed Orb Purification Amulet
87 Bergiroada Zalgatwa Temple Dynast Nova Magus Drive
88 Zondemia Tomb of Orlerillo
  • Ultimate Tonic
  • Magic Elixir
  • Smelling Salts
  • Ancient Elixir
89 Taorimno Tomb of Orlerillo
  • Exploder
  • Energy Tank
  • AP Ammo
  • Zero Blaster
90 Gremory Tomb of Orlerillo
  • Harmonia Robe
  • Gauss Shield
  • Heal
  • Magus Drive
91 Allocer Tomb of Orlerillo
  • Ultimate Potion
  • Health Elixir
  • Ultimate Potion
  • Mirage Armor
92 Dunkenheit Tomb of Orlerillo Kosmochlor Miracle Defense
93 Vachis Valadis Tomb of Orlerillo True Elixir Holy Elixir

* Vaoreid uses a skill called "Armor Change" that allows him to change his weaknesses in battle. Any time he uses this skill you'll have to analyze him all over again, and formulate a new strategy based on his current weaknesses.

** These bosses are part of the Menacing Monsters quest. The quest must be accepted before the monsters will appear.