Item List

Written by MSG Commander

If you collect every item in the game, the Item Completion Reward is 15 EIP.

All items in the game are listed in the same Item List under "Item Completion." But here, I've broken them up into different categories to make it easier to find the item you're looking for.

The items in these pages are listed in the same numerical order as in the Item List.

So if you have the number of the item you're missing, you just need to find that spot in the right list, in order to find the info on that item.

Item # Appropriate Page
1-37 Usable Items
38-129 Weapons
130-139 Shields
140-177 Armor
178-210 Accessories
211-235 Summon Armor Parts
236-250 Ammo
251-298 Tomes and Licenses
299-318 Key Items