Usable Items

Written by MSG Commander

Most supplies can be purchased in more than one town. The town listed here is the first one where the item is available.

# Name Description Where to Obtain Price
1 Health Potion Recovers 500 HP Ildina Town 20G
2 Grand Potion Recovers 1000 HP Klanruk Town 80G
3 Ultimate Potion Recovers 2000 HP Liebertend City* 200G
4 Health Elixir Recovers all HP Enemy drops / treasure chests** ---
5 Magic Tonic Recovers 50 MP Ildina Town 50G
6 Grand Tonic Recovers 100 MP The Empire of Galvaris 120G
7 Ultimate Tonic Recovers 200 MP Liebertend City* 300G
8 Magic Elixir Recovers all MP Enemy drops / treasure chests ---
9 Ancient Elixir Recovers 50% HP and MP Hidden Village Item Shop (!) 3000G
10 True Elixir Recovers all HP and MP, heals any status effects Enemy drops / treasure chests ---
11 Holy Elixir Recovers all HP of all allies Enemy drops / treasure chests ---
12 Revive Brings a defeated ally back to life Ildina Town 50G
13 Nectar Brings a defeated ally back to life with full HP Enemy drops / treasure chests ---
14 Antidote Heals poison Ildina Town 10G
15 Paralyze Heal Heals paralysis Liebertend City 10G
16 Eye Drops Heals blindness Wilrinal Town 10G
17 Stimulant Heals sleep Wilrinal Town 10G
18 Smelling Salts Heals confusion Liebertend City 10G
19 Seal Destroyer Heals sealing (silence) Liebertend City 10G
20 Heal Heals all status effects Liebertend City* 80G
# Name Description Where to Obtain Price
21 Panacea Heals all status effects and lowered stats Hidden Village Item Shop (!) 300G
22 Small Candy Recovers 10% HP and MP, heals confusion and sealing Quest reward ---
23 Lunaberry Tart
  • A famous snack from Ildina
  • Recovers 30% HP, heals poison and paralysis
  • Ildina Town
  • (not available anywhere else)
24 Revival Elixir When you are defeated in battle, all allies and Summoned Armor are fully recovered and can continue battling
  • Quest reward (Liebertend City)
  • Baldalva Ruins (bonus dungeon)
25 Miracle Health Increases maximum HP by 50 Boss battles / treasure chests ---
26 Miracle Spirit Increases maximum MP by 10 Boss battles / treasure chests ---
27 Miracle Strength Increases Attack by 5 Boss battles / treasure chests ---
28 Miracle Magic Increases Magic by 5 Boss battles / treasure chests ---
29 Miracle Defense Increases Physical Defense by 5 Boss battles / treasure chests ---
30 Miracle Warding Increases Magical Defense by 5 Boss battles / treasure chests ---
31 Miracle Speed Increases Speed by 5 Boss battles / treasure chests ---
32 Observation Scope Examines enemy attributes Ildina Town 10G
33 Attracting Seal Temporarily increases enemy encounter rate Klanruk Town 100G
34 Warding Seal Temporarily decreases enemy encounter rate Liebertend City* 200G
35 Banishing Seal Temporarily avoid all enemy encounters Enemy drops / treasure chests ---
36 Camping Set
  • Recovers all HP and MP of all allies
  • Can only be used while traveling
Ildina Town 200G
37 Crystal of Recall
  • Teleport to a town you have already visited
  • Can be used inside dungeons
Wilrinal Town 50G

* - these items become available after completing Neluzia Forest.

** - some items are only available as drops (or stolen items) from enemies, and some are only in treasure chests.

(!) - To access the Hidden Village Item Shop, you must complete the Quest for Ore Collection and receive the Black Authorization Card.