Job Classes

Written by MSG Commander

Each party member in Eclipse of Illusion has one unique Class that only they can learn. In addition, there are seven Classes that all party members can learn.

Each Class has 4 to 5 ranks, and each rank grants a different ability or skill set.

When you assign a Class to a party member, they can use all of the abilities and skills associated with that class. But when you change Classes, they can only select abilities up to the rank they've achieved for that Class.

When you earn enough CP to master a rank, you can set the gained ability on that party member, regardless of the Class you choose. When you master a Class, you can set any of the abilities from that Class. (However, you can only set a total of 3 abilities at one time, and the first one is automatically set according to the Class you've chosen.)

Each time you get a new License, it's a really good idea to have two or three of your party members "learn" that Class up to Rank 2 or Rank 3. (Especially when you get the Priest and Wizard Classes. Having a couple of party members who can use Minor and Mid Level Priest and Wizard spells is almost a necessity in this game!)

When you master all the Classes for one party member, you get 20 EIP for the Class Master reward.