Druid Class

Written by MSG Commander

Received from Redon in Liebertend after completing the Olka Highway mission

  • Rank 1 - Observe
  • Learn abilities used by some enemies
  • Rank 2 - Magick
  • Unlocks Magick
  • Rank 3 - Equip Light Shields - 120CP
  • Allows light shields to be equipped when using a single-handed weapon
  • Rank 4 - Rune Wall
  • Halves damage taken by magical attacks 25% of the time
  • Rank 5 - Reduce MP Spent
  • Spells only use 80% as much MP

Magick Spells

* Many of these spells can be learned from more than one enemy. The enemies listed here are the ones I learned the spell from, or ones I saw use the spell in battle.

Name Target Attribute Description Learn From Cost
Mana Blast Single / All Non-elemental Deals non-elemental damage to enemies Evil Witch (Merekka Cave) 20
Flare Ray Single Fire Deals fire damage to an enemy and temporarily reduces their Physical Defense Lindwurm (Boss in Layrix Temple) 48
Arc Shock Single Lightning Deals lightning damage to an enemy and paralyzes them Voulsed (Arshedd Headquarters) 22
Punish All Holy
  • Deals damage to all enemies
  • Deals major damage to undead
  • Evil Witch (Merekka Cave)
  • Sorcerer (Lunemont Tower)
Explode Single Non-elemental Deals damage equal to your current HP to a single enemy, then brings you close to death Berzello (Imperial Research Lab) 25
Rune Burst Single Non-elemental Consumes all of your MP, then deals damage to an enemy according to the amount consumed Yohwee (Baldalva Ruins bonus dungeon) All of your current MP
Catastrophe All Non-elemental Deals magical damage to all enemies and allies Vaoreid (Boss in Layrix Temple) 80
Lifesteal Single Non-elemental Deals damage to a single enemy and recovers your HP accordingly
  • Ectoplasm (Nornretta Ruins)
  • Wight (Zalgatwa Temple)
Death Single Non-elemental Deals non-elemental magical damage to an enemy, with a chance to instantly kill Evil Soldier (Imperial Research Lab) 13
Poison Single / All Non-elemental Deals damage to enemies and poisons them Maneater (Neluzia Forest) 10
Flash Single / All Non-elemental Deals damage to enemies and blinds them Klamreinz (Lunemont Tower) 10
Sleep All Non-elemental Causes all enemies to sleep Namnsutt (Lomiras Ruins) 10
Confusion All Non-elemental Causes all enemies to become confused Ghoul (Imperial Research Lab) 10
Spellseal Single / All Non-elemental Deals damage to enemies and seals them (silence) Skiora (Klanruk Town region, Nornretta Ruins) 10
Installation All Allies Recover Heals all allies for an amount equal to the user's current HP Voulsed (Arshedd Headquarters) 38
Enhance Single Non-elemental Temporarily increases an ally's Attack and reduces the physical damage they receive Mellealyn (Arshedd Headquarters) 25
Guardian Force All Allies Non-elemental Temporarily reduces the physical and magical damage received by all alllies Chaos Knight (Celestial Bridge) 62