Skill List

Written by 1oldtymer

Some skills (I forget which) are only available in the post-game.  Some are from a guy in Wyndham Park.

Name SP Description
Rumble Slayer 10 SV: Random attack 2-4 times (E)
Power Charge 12 Self : ATK & INT 1 up/DEF & SPD 1 down
Air Burst 26 SV: Attack (D) + Float Strength based on INT. Effect misses target in the air
Aerial Rush 42 SV: Attack 3 times (E) Strength gradually decreases. Strength up against target in the air.
Dust Thrust 50 Line: Attack © Strength down agains rearguard
Spark Dust 72 SV: Attack © Damage up when blitz elemental core equipped
Saving Slash 124 SV: Attack (S) (Cancels if attacked before casting)
Rising Edge 87 Self: HP-33/Strength gradually decreases
High Install 150 Self: ATK, INT & SPD 2 up
Counter Charge 90 Self: Reflects skill damage on attacker for 3 turns
Random Thrust 126 All: Based on enemy count at the start of battle. Random attack ©/Strength based on INT
Guardian 55 Self: Take normal damage for 1 female character for 4 turns (Can be reapplied)
Particle Slayer 158 Vanguard: Attack (A)
Low Install 110 Self: ATK 2 up/INT & SPD 1 up/DEF 1 down
Photon Slave 200 SV: Attack 2 times (A)/Strength based on INT. Strength gradually decreases
Dive Slayer 238 Single: Attack (S) when against a target in air. Attack (X) when against a target on ground
Deep Clean 382 Vanguard: Attack 3 times (X). Strength gradually decreases by 2/3
Grand Cross 242 All: Attack (A) + Dispels float
High Guardian 75 Self: Take all damage for 1 female character for 4 turns (Can be reapplied)
Hydro Ender 434 SV: Attack (Z)
Name SP Description
Bashing Shot 12 Single: Attack (D)/Delays target action speed (Boss:Weak)
Flash Shot 18 Single: Attack (D)/Occasionally paralysis. Strength based on INT
Circular Ray 44 Vanguard: HP 10s digit/2 random attacks (F). Self: HP-30
Weak Point 50 Single: Attack(C) + 70% chance instant death when target has abnormal status (Boss:X)
Loot 36 Self: Damage dealt with a normal attack the next turn is quadrupled (Multi-use: X)
Triple Shot 62 Single: Attack 3 times (E)
Assault Pain 70 Single: Attack ©/Occasionally virus or chaos (Strength based on INT)
Flame Shot 70 Single(C)/Damage up when virus elemental core equipped
Domination 94 Single: Attack (B) +1 abnormal status when UP is an even number (Boss: Weak)
Rising Revolver 142 Vanguard: Attack (D) x1.5 HP 1s digit. Strength based on INT. Self: HP-3
Sniper Shot 178 Single: Attack (X)/33% chance of missing. Strength based on INT
Limit Break 194 All: Random attack 8-14 times (E)
Gimmick Shot 226 Single: Attack (HP 1s digit 0-3 (C), 4-7 (A), 8-9 (X))/Self: HP-3
Enemy Stinger 234 Single: Attack (A) Restores 1/40 damage dealt as SP to party with 33% chance of success
Paranoia Raid 332 Vanguard: Random attack 18-22 times (E) Strength based on INT
Slumber Raid 300 Single: Attack (X)/DEF & SPD 1 down
Sky-High Dust 284 All: Attack (B)/Strength up against targets in the air
Enemy Zero 458 Line: Attack (Z)/Strength halved against rearguard
Brave Shot 400 All: Random attack 3-6 times on each enemy ©
Delay Shot 312 All: Attack(C) + Delays action speed. Strength based on INT. (Boss: Weak)
Name SP Description
X-Razer 22 SV: Attack (C)
Support Up 14 Single: DEF & SPD 1 up
Splasher 58 Vanguard: Random attacks based on HP 10s digit (F). Strength gradually up and based on INT. Self: HP-30
Guard Demerit 102 Vanguard: DEF & SPD 1 down
High Heal 42 Single: Restores HP (C) /Strength based on INT
Cure 40 Column: Cures all abnormal status (except float)
Enhance 62 SV: Attack (C)/Damage up when any elemental core equipped
All Heal 98 All: Restores HP (D)/Strength based on INT
Resurrect 100 Single: Revives with 80% HP
Mega Heal 80 Single: Restores HP (B)/Strength based on INT
Leveler 130 All Allies: Adds 100% EXP bonus (Multi-use: X)
Buster Healing 178 Single: Attack (A)/Strength based on INT. Damage dealt distributed as HP to party
High Energy 120 All except self: ATK, INT & SPD 2 up. Self: ATK, INT & SPD 2 down
All High Heal 178 All: Restores HP (B)/Strength based on INT
Dead Symphony 276 Vanguard: (SP 100s, 10s &1s digits)/Attack 3 times (D). Strength gradually decreases
Skill Barrier 210 Column: Temporarily nullifies skill effects
Promise Ender 444 SV: (HP 100s,10s & 1s digits)/Attack 2 times (D). Self: HP-333 Strength gradually increases
High Cure 120 All: Cures all abnormal status (except float)
Radiation 158 All Allies: DEF & SPD 2 up. All Enemies: DEF & SPD 2 down
Name SP Description
Chew on this! 8 Single: Attack (D)/Occasionally DEF 1 down
I've got your back! 26 Column: ATK & INT 1 up
You halfwit! 40 Single: Attack (D)/Causes target to turn around. (Boss: Weak)
I'll take that! 32 Single: Attack (D)/Strength based on INT. Steals an item based on determined rate
Pardon me! 24 Single: ATK & INT 1 down
Fairness for all! 82 All: Attack (C)
How many to throw...? 74 All: Random attack 6-10 times (F). Strength based on INT
Guess what'll happen! 36 AA/AE: Who knows what will happen? (Boss: Effects can be weak)
Secret girls' club! 64 Female Allies: ATK, DEF, INT & SPD 2 up. Does not work without Katiya
Enjoy being infected! 117 Single: Attack(C)/Damage up when virus elemental core equipped
Get back, you! 152 All: Random attacks based on SP 10s digit (E) + Delays action speed. (Boss:Weak)
Time to clean up! 98 All Allies: Adds 100% CP bonues (Multi-use:X)
Who's in the know? 170 Single: Attack (S) + Adds last 2 digits of damage dealt to hit-count. Strength based on INT
Passionate Stun! 200 All: random attack (A)/80% chance of stun
Blind toss! 250 All: Random attack (S) + ATK, DEF & SPD 1 down
You've been naughty! 446 All: Attack (S)
Over here! 152 Single except self: Instantly makes it a target's turn in battle
Goodbye! 522 All: Attack (Z)
Time to repent! 92 Vanguard: Attack (D) + Countdown starts at 2 or 3 (Boss: Attack (B))
Get a load of this! 276 All Allies: ATK & INT 2 up. All Enemies: ATK & INT 2 down