Subquest List

Written by Jesusalva

This is the list originally made by critical_glitch for Fanatic Earth.

1. Disabling an Android

Client: Man in Wyndham Park

I want you to disable Trixie before she kills someone!

2. Rachel's Directive

Client: Rachel

I received a report of violence from the Hostess Club. Please look into it immediately!

3. Rachel's Directive II

Client: Rachel

There appears to be an armed man acting violently outside Lunar Complex. Please deal with him before someone is caught in the crossfire!

4. Search for a Rare Coin

Client: Suspicious Man in Titan Plaza

Find me an Old Minted Coin kept at the Auction House of Europa District.

5. Rachel's Directive III

Client: Rachel

The presence of a dangerous Robot has been detected in the Syndicate Building. Please destroy it immediately!

6. Rachel's Directive IV

Client: Rachel

I need you to collect some important documents scattered around Titan P.D. There are a total of 4.

7. Rescue of a Lycan

Client: Lady in Europa Mall

I saw some men hauling off a lycan to Cyphatek H.Q. Please come with me to save him!

8. Delivery of a Letter

Client: Lycan in Oberon District

Please deliver this letter to a certain human guy. You will find him outside the shield to the northeast.

9. Female Lycan Oppression

Client: Vaughan in Lycan Hideout

I need you to find out the reason female lycans are being systematically targeted. There also appears to be one of our kind who fled to the City Underground.

10. Rachel's Directive V

Client: Rachel

A wanted felon appears to be hiding somewhere in Oberon District. I want you to head there at once and apprehend him!

11. Rachel's Directive VI

Client: Rachel

A bomb was discovered in the Sewers. Please diffuse it before it explodes!