Trophy Guide

Written by Jesusalva

critical_glitch wrote this guide as some trophies can be difficult to obtain.

Table of Requeriments

Trophy Type Bronze Silver Gold Character Skill
Nova Hit combo 10 30 60 Zech High Guardian
Terrestrial Walking 3000 12000 24000 Zech High Install
Galaxy Damage dealt 500 4000 10000 Michael Brave Shot
Aurora CP spent 30k 150k 1M Michael Delay Shot
Vortex Overkills 5 10 15 Neelam Get a Load of This!
Celestial Skill uses 100 1000 2000 Neelam Time to Repent!
Cosmic Damage received 3000 6000 9000 Katiya Radiation
Nebula Enemies killed 100 800 1200 Katiya High Cure


Hints and Tips

If you need to level up fast and earn money, be sure to take advantage of Katiya's Leveler which doubles earned experience, as well as Neelam's Time to Clean Up! (doubles earned CP). They should learn these skills sometime in their 60s (68?). Until then use experience / CP boxes from chests.

Neelam learns Who's in the Know? at level 72, which adds the last two digits of its damage to your hit count. It is recommended to try for Nova Gold after getting this skill, but it is possible to obtain Nova earlier by using preemptive attacks, manipulating turn order, and using vanguard multi hit attacks to take out the front row before the back row.

Enemies will miss their turn on the following conditions: preemptive attack (turning around doesn't break the chain), paralysis at a chance, and chaos at a chance. The High End Sandals raise the preemptive encounter rate by 20%. Several characters can cause status effects with skills, but I believe just having the elemental cores equipped gives you a chance to cause a status effect. Paralysis is caused by blitz, confusion/chaos by flame, and poison/virus by virus.

Vortex is not hard to acquire, if Zech knows Rising Edge and his HP is x9x9. Attack an enemy with Rising Edge on a low level area, the enemy should die in one hit, and you will get 17 overkills.

Michael's Sniper Shot can easily surpass the 10000 damage limit for Galaxy.

Goldstein can do 25600 damage with Melt for the Cosmic trophy.

Battle Arena is a good place to grind for the Nebula trophies.