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MSG Commander says:
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One of Kemco's finest

Fernz Gate is definitely one of Kemco’s better games. Anyone who’s played the Asdivine series will feel right at home with the controls and battle system, and yet the story is unique and original (and for once, NOT at all cheesy… don’t get me wrong, I like the cheese in Asdivine, but it’s refreshing to see an absence of cheese in this game).

The main characters come to Fernz Gate from “other worlds,” and must defeat the Overlord in order to return back home. The story, and the dialogue, are top notch, and while you can usually “Auto” battle the random encounters, the bosses in late stages do present a good challenge.

The game has a Normal End and a True End (True End adds about 1.5 hours), and another 6-8 hours of really cool bonus material grinding in various dungeons.

  • Exceptional story and dialogue
  • All 4 party members are actually "likable"
  • Fun bonus material
  • Good assortment of skills and magic
  • The game ends... :sad face:
  • Magic (especially magic unisons) is far more powerful than character-specific skills

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