Forgotten Garden

Written by MSG Commander

The Forgotten Garden is like Maidame Curie's "hangout." It's a place for her and her maids to get away from the rest of Fernland.

You can't access the Forgotten Garden until you've been told about its existence, and that doesn't happen for several hours. But, once it gets added to your World Map, you can go to there at any time.

The two big attractions in the Forgotten Garden are the secret arena, and the maid training area.

The secret arena has four different lanes, each leading to a stronger opponent than the one before it. The game recommends that you fight the weakest of these battles at about level 200, and the strongest at about level 800, so it'll be awhile before you'll want to challenge any of these opponents.

On the east side of the first screen, there's an exit that leads to the maid's training ground. The recommended level to enter this area is only 80, but if you're on Easy difficulty, you can probably handle most battles here at level 50.

Aside from the secret arena and the training ground, there's also a handful of treasures (and a Storehouse) - but the other cool thing about the Forgotten Garden is this:

On the second screen, there's a Swordswoman with a light bulb over her head. When you talk to her, she tells you about an area south of Mosso Village called the Metal Region, and then it gets added to your World Map!

(The Metal Region is a great place for grinding, because metal monsters give a LOT of EXP; however, you'll want to be close to level 100 before you do any serious grinding there. More on the Metal Region can be found here.)

Depending on when you first arrive in the Forgotten Garden, the weapon shop has some pretty good armor that might be worth buying. (If you opened all the Storehouses though, it won't be worth it, as the armor in the Storehouses is vastly superior.)

There's also a Maid next to the fountain who will sell you 2,220 Maid Coins for a mere 19,305,410 gold! (Sadly, in this game, it takes some real effort to amass large sums of gold, so you may not be able to do this more than once without extensive grinding.)

Light Bulb


Storehouse Treasure