Logus Laboratory

Written by MSG Commander

Recommended Level to complete this dungeon ~ 45

When you enter the Logus Laboratory, there are two maids standing guard who say you can't enter unless you have the Laboratory Key from the IAP shop. But, if you do have the key, all you need to do is walk up to the door and press the confirm button.

On the other side of the door, Jolie Curie tells you she wants to surprise her sister, Maidame Curie, with a special gift, and she wants your help in figuring out what to give her.

Your first task is to check all the books on the first floor, then report to Jolie Curie in front of the stairs leading up to the second floor. After the dialogue, head east through the dungeon, and examine every room until all that's left is to speak with Jolie Curie.

On the second floor, Jolie Curie asks you to find an item for her - only, she doesn't know what that item is (only that, if you find something you think she might want, you should bring it to her).

Go open all the treasure chests on this floor, and when you find the one you're looking, take it to Jolie.

Note: On the second floor, there is one treasure you won't be able to get to unless you have a Heavy Ring.

Near the end of this floor, there's a Boss battle (although, depending on your level when you reach this point, it might be more of a "Breeze" battle... as in, you know, easy.)

Anyway, after the battle, go talk to Jolie Curie to get up to the third floor. Here, she tells you to help yourself to all the treasure in the far room.

When you get to the final room, first go northwest and through the secret passage to get the treasure. Then go back around, and go to the northeast for a funny scene, and a surprising Boss battle.

After that, watch the scene, then get the last treasure, and now you're done with Logus Laboratory.