Farming Buddy Rings

Written by MSG Commander

Buddy Rings can be used to release new buddies, or to level up buddies you already have. You can also equip a Buddy Ring to a party member, enabling them to use the buddy-specific skill attached to that ring.

Throughout the game, there are a limited number of monsters who drop Buddy Rings. The rings are always an ultra-rare drop, meaning you'll need a character with a high level Steal attached to their weapon - or you may need to use Toril's Brave Strike, "What's yours is mine," which automatically steals all normal, rare, and ultra-rare drop items.

Listed below are all the monsters I've encountered that drop Buddy Rings. (Note: I have completed every area except for the lv. 900 region)

Buddy Ring Monster Location
Baron Ring Empyrean Escobaria Cacto Grove (Final Area)
Baron Ring Illusion Escobaria Cacto Grove (Entrance)
Baron Ring Olive Fitch Overlord's Castle Depths (Entrance)
Baron Ring Squall Weasel Nefari Spire (Final Area)
Blazing Flutter Ring Fire Butterfly Overlord's Castle (Entrance)
Burning Giraffe Ring Red Giraffe Overlord's Castle (Entrance)
Butterfly Ring Leaf Moth Empyrea (Entrance)
Clay Doll Ring Flaming Figurine Hushet Ruins (Final Area)
Clay Soldier Ring King Dolly Dolly Forest (Final Area)
Clay Soldier Ring Queen Dolly Dolly Forest (Final Area)
Dark Truffle Ring Grassy Bolete Dragon's Den (Entrance)
Fire Slime Ring Crimson Slime Logus Laboratory (Midway Point)
Fire Slime Ring Full Metal Slime Metal Region (Entrance)
Fitch Ring Heat Mink Stelumbra Cave (Entrance)
Giraffe Ring Giraffe Lord Centus Hollow (Entrance)
Goblin Chief Ring Grass Goblin Overlord's Castle (Final Area)
Goblin Ring Piping Goblin Stelumbra Cave (Other Entrance)
Goldfish Ring Polar Oranda Breezan Valley (Entrance)
Golem Ring Flame Golem Pheryl Town (Final Area)
Lizardman Ring Polar Saurian Loftus Tower (Entrance)
Moss Lurker Ring Grass Limaz Overlord's Castle (Entrance)
Peachy Fish Ring Burning Fish Overlord's Castle Depths (Entrance)
Saurus Ring Autumn Monitor Overlord's Castle (Final Area)
Scorched Golem Ring Crusher Nefari Spire (Final Area)
Scorched Golem Ring Gold Gold Gold Region (Final Area)
Slime Ring Green Slime Cradul Woods (Final Area)
Slug Ring Frigid Slug Breezan Valley (Level 80 Area)
Tree Saurus Ring Frozen Drakizard Cogoel Cave (Final Area)
Truffle Ring Chilly Bolete Breezan Valley (Entrance)
Water Lizardman Ring Frigid Saurian Cogoel Cave (Entrance)