Gastra Village pt. 2

Written by MSG Commander

Back in Gastra Village

Once you're back in Gastra Village, Altore and Pangie fill you in on some important details relating to the raid on Pheryl Town.

Lita summons your dragon, and Altore asks you to retrieve the Revolus Chimes on the floating island. The dragon agrees to take you there in the morning, so you get to spend tonight at the inn.

Free Time

There's another Free Time event, but this time you're faced with three different choices for each party member.

One choice has no effect on Skill Level; one raises each member's level by 10 points; and one raises each member's level by 20 points.

To raise everyone's skill level by 20 points:

Once you're ready, go ahead and leave Gastra Village, and your dragon will take you to Bliahn Town.