Gastra Village

Go to the big building in the northwest section of town to learn the details of the evacuation efforts. During the meeting you get 4 Warp Wings, each one of which will warp one group of survivors safely to Rizolt City.

Now you can go straight on to Pheryl Town, or you can explore Gastra Village.

Light Bulb

  • Talk to the Suspicious Man at the end of the winding path way up north. He'll teach you the Shared Skill, "Protective Heal."


  • 11: An Outworlder's Whereabouts - talk to Corona in the home in the southwest corner.


  • Iron Sword +33 (VIT 30%) - located in the southwest corner of town.
  • Clay Doll Ring - located in the southwest corner of town.
  • VIT Seed x2 - located in the northeast corner (near the bell).

Storehouse Treasure

  • Column Ring
  • Twilight Cane
  • Guard All Ring B
  • Peppy Drink