Kalma Village

Written by MSG Commander

Be sure to speak with every NPC who has a light-bulb over their head. There's much to gain from these interactions!

When you enter Kalma Village, you meet some of the locals and hear about "the resistance," a group of outworlders committed to taking down the Overlord.

You also get a glimpse of an NPC with a light-bulb over his head, and an in-game notice that you should talk to such NPCs whenever you find them.

After the dialogue, head to the item shop and find Serendo (the customer in the weird looking cloak).

Along with moving the story forward, Serendo also gives you a Fire Ring B, Water Ring B, and Earth Ring B, which are the rings that you need to learn magic.

Equip these rings however you see fit; just remember, no one can learn magic unless they're wearing the appropriate ring.

New Arrival

Once you have control again, you need to go back to Cradul Woods and search for the newest new arrival - Lita.

(She appears in the exact spot where Alex first came from.)

After you meet Lita, monsters attack you - but Toril handles them on her own, while Alex and Lita ruminate over how much they wish they could help.

Then Serendo and another villager show up and give Lita an outfit more suited to Fern Land.

Once Lita joins the party, head back to Kalma Village.

You still can't go south in Cradul Woods yet, so just go back to the village and watch the scene there.

Anyone with a weird cloud over their head is a sub quest waiting to be unlocked.

Your First Sub Quest

When you get control again, talk to the guy with the weird cloud over his head in front of the weapon shop to unlock the game's first sub quest: "First Job."

Now go to the inn and talk to the woman near the counter, then take the Recipe Book back to the guy in front of the weapon shop and get your reward.

Now there are two available subquests, either one of which will move the story forward.

(But since both of them are in Cradul Woods, and both very easy to complete, I recommend taking them both on now.)

First, enter the weapon shop and accept the subquest from Kanbia. He'll ask you to kill 2 Slimes in Cradul Woods, which you'll probably be able to do in your first 2 random encounters...

Then go talk to Tifah (the woman in the inn from Subquest 01). Offer to help her with her request, and she'll tell you she needs 3 Big Leaves from the trees in Cradul Woods.

Now, it's back to Cradul Woods. (And almost time to explore that whole area - almost.)

Light Bulb



(Note: the only treasure in Kalma Village is inside the Storehouse. There are 8 Storehouses throughout the game, and each one requires a Storage Key. You can obtain 2 Storage Keys in-game; the other 6 must be purchased through the IAP Shop which does not open until Stelumbra Cave.)

Storehouse Treasure