Uncovering the Truth

Written by MSG Commander

So, after the last battle everyone got their full memories back, along with a shocking discovery about the real reason they're here...

Now, Alex needs to find just what is really going on.

After he wakes up, go into the next room for a scene with an Old Man and a Girl, and a whole bunch of anima. Once this scene ends, go outside and head to the town square to speak with Kodan.

After that, go north to the town bell, and talk to Altore.

Now go to the weapon shop and talk to Toril.

Now go back to the building where you first woke up. Watch those scenes, and then go to the building above the weapon shop  for a scene with Lita.

This scene is pretty long, and pretty dramatic, but once it's over, everyone's ready to fight the Overlord again.

Now you need to figure out how to remove the barrier around the Overlord's castle.

Alex says the Goddess should be able to tell you how to use the various items the resistance collected, so once you have control again go back to the building where you first woke up.

After this scene ends, your next destination is Pheryl Town - Other Entrance - but before you go there, head to the inn to unlock subquest 14. (And then go unlock the other subquests listed below.)