Variaht Town

Written by MSG Commander

Variaht Town has got to be the smallest town ever created in any Kemco game, or so it seems...

Anyway, go to the inn, and watch the rather unexpected scene that unfolds. Once you get outside, suddenly the town's not so small anymore (and it's technically no longer a town, but another dungeon.)

Outside, Altore tells you that one of the Overlord's minions must have slipped in and destroyed the town when no one was looking. He and Pangie have begun evacuating survivors, so he asks you to find who's responsible.

Take the only exit available, and navigate your way through all the ledges on the next screen. Now head to the northeast and take the exit to the third screen.

Go through the secret passage, then take the exit in the north. Get the treasure in this room, and then use Alex's Skill Level to open the locked door. Now use Lita's Skill Level to get past the pedestal, and get the rest of the treasure in that room.

Now go back and take the exit to the south, which will put you on the far end of the first screen.

Get the treasure here, then west of the building you just came from, there's a Boss Battle.

Boss Battle

Endrey, Treble, Bass

You may not have all your Brave Strikes available for this battle, so use what you've got and then use your Shared Skills.

Focus all your attacks on Endrey, as once you defeat him, the Treble and Bass are easy pickings.

Magic and unisons seem to do more damage than physical attack skills, so use whatever spells Lita and Kodan have, plus Alex and Toril's unisons.

Even on Easy difficulty, you will want to watch everyone's health in this battle.

After the battle, get the Storehouse treasure (if you've got a Storage Key, that is), then take the north exit to the final screen and a final (for this dungeon, anyway) Boss Battle.

Boss Battle

Stiletto, Sword

Again, use your Brave Skills if you've got 'em (but you probably don't).

Then use Shared Skills, then focus everything you've got on Stiletto.

Cure anyone who gets turned into a statue, and heal anyone who needs healing, and otherwise just use your unisons and your best all around attack skills to keep whittling away at Stiletto until he's dead.

After this battle, everyone gets their full memories back, and - well, you'll just have to watch and see for yourself...

After it's all over, Alex wakes up in Rizolt City, alone, and you must now find out "Just what the heck is going on?"

Storehouse Treasure