Magic Unisons

Written by MSG Commander

CT = Cool Time

Req'd Spells Name Description CT
Cure x Cure Hi-Cure All Teams: Restores a small amount of HP. 3
Cure 2 x Cure 2 Hi-Cure 2 All Teams: Restores a decent amount of HP. 3
Cure 3 x Cure 3 Hi-Cure 3 All Teams: Restores a large amount of HP. 4
Cure 4 x Cure 4 Hi-Cure 4 All Teams: Restores a great amount of HP. 5
Cure 5 x Cure 5 Hi-Cure 5 All Teams: Restores a massive amount of HP. 6
Clean Up x Clean Up Hi-Clean All Teams: Cures poison, paralysis, confusion & silence. 4
Angel Tears x Angel Tears God Bless All Teams: Revives with 50% HP.
Heat Soul x Heat Soul Hi-Heat Soul All Teams: ATK & INT 1 rank up. 8
River Veil x River Veil Hi-River Veil All Teams: DEF & SPD 1 rank up. 8
Forest Shield x Forest Shield Gaia Wall Column Teams: Nullifies physical damage for a specific period. Multi-use: X 5
Sacrifice x Sacrifice Low-Power Down All: ATK & SPD 1 rank down. 4
Drain Creeper x Drain Creeper Low-Guard Down All: DEF & INT 1 rank down. 4
Silent Mist x Leaf Cutter Bio Bubble Column: Attacks with poison bubbles. Occasionally, poison & silence. 2
Fire x Wood Wall Falling Torch Single: Attacks by dropping a fiery log from above 3
Aqua Lancer x Bamboo Spear Qliphoth Maiden Row: Attacks 15 times by stabbing with a sharp spear. 3
Flash Flood x Flash Flood Tidal Wave All: Attacks with a massive amount of water. Increases the counter for bomb enemies by 2. Max: 9 4
Crimson Burst x Paralysis Whip Crimson Arose Column: Attacks with a poison red rose. Occasionally, poison & paralysis. 4
Blast x Chaos Mash Chaos Saute All: Attacks by spreading spores with an explosive blast of wind. Occasionally, confusion. 4
Heat Laser x Heat Laser Gatling Flare Row: Attacks 10 times with ultrathermal heat rays. 5
Maelstrom x Maelstrom Charybdis All: Randomly attacks 40 with a giant whirlpool. 5
Flash Flood x Mandrake Hogweed Row: Attacks with a plant that causes massive damage upon contact. Plus, DEF & SPD 1 rank down. 5
Firenado x Firenado Bluewhirl All: Attacks with whirlwinds of combusting blue fire. 6
Prometheus x Red Tide Hydro Burst All: Attacks with a powerful phreatic explosion. Plus, delays turn. 6
Well of Urd x Hyperion Yggdrasil All: Attacks with a giant tree able to emboy the world. Damage dealt is restored as HP for party. 10