Shared Skills

Written by MSG Commander

Note: All shared skills have a Cool Time of 20 turns.

Name Description Strength Learn From
Heaven's Arrow Row: Attacks 3 times after becoming a blinding arrow. Plus, INT 1 rank down. 220x3 Altore (Rizolt City)
Karate Chop Column: Attacks with an intense chop. Strength up if used by Kodan. 330 Female Archer (Hushet Ruins)
Ambient Paradise All Teams: Cures berserk & gnome. Cures poison, paralysis, silence & stone if used by Lita. --- Silga (Subquest 06)
Impossible Row: Deals damage equal to 30% of current HP. Effect up if used by buddy. Boss+: Normal damage. --- Male Mage (Breezan Valley)
Infuse All Teams: ATK & DEF 1 rank up. 2 ranks up when used by Kodan. --- Trunkel (Subquest 16)
Flash Strike Row: Attacks 4 times with a mysterious light. Attacks 6 times if used by Alex or Toril. 180x4 Male Outworlder (Dragon's Den)
Protective Heal All Teams: Restores a decent amount of HP. DEF 1 rank up. --- Suspicious Man (Gastra Village)
Heavenly Salt All: Attacks by raining down particles of light. Plus, INT 2 ranks down. Occasionally, silence. 880 Solah (Subquest 20)
Ancient Ruffieux All Teams: Nullifies all attack skils once. Effect disappears after any member of the party is hit. --- Main Quest 62
Life Siphon All: Uses an absorbing attack and restores HP for party in proportion to damage. Effect up if used by buddy. 440 Female Archer (Cogoel Cave)
Red Crescent All: Attacks 30 times with a dazzling series of slashes. 40x30 Secret Arena (Lv. 200 Battle)
Oh my! All: Attacks with a falling mass of ultra-compressed mana. 1,500 Secret Arena (Lv. 800 Battle)