Skills and Brave Strike

Written by MSG Commander

CT = Cool Time


Brave Strike: Super Boost

Except Own Team: Restores brave gauge 50%. All Allies: Cures all abnormal status & all paramaters 2 up.

Lv Name Description Growth CT
--- Reverse Strike! Row: Attacks 2 times with the back of the sword. Plus, slightly delays turn. 70x2 1.74 per level 2
7 Get outta my way! Single: Attacks 2-3 times by unleashing a quick shockwave. 100x2-3 +2.47 per level 3
18 I've got your backs! Except Own Team: DEF & SPD 1 rank up. 2 ranks up if in sub position. --- 8
28 Don't move. Single: Attacks with a stopping strike. Plus, greatly delays turn. 380 +9.48 per level 4
40 Let's do this! Own Team: STR & INT 2 ranks up. Plus, cures poison & berserk if in sub position. --- 7
55 Time to go bye-bye! Single: Agilely attacks 6 times. 100x6 +2.5 per level 5
75 Don't blame me later! All: Randomly unleashes 6 shockwaves. Strength up if earth-based target. 125x6 +3.11 per level 6
110 This is it! Single: Attacks 13 times with a series of mighty slashes. 75x13 +1.86 per level 7

Brave Strike: Shock Absorber

All: Attacks with a jolting strike while HP is restored to party in proportion to damage, and swoon members are revived. Strength increases with level.

Lv Name Description Growth CT
--- Manatic Shot Single: Attacks with a mana-packed bomb. Damage x2 when in the sub position. 160 +4 per level 2
7 Silent Drain Single: Attacks with energy-absorbing mana. Slightly restores HP for team in proportion to damage dealt. 260 +6.4 per level 3
18 Roundabout Shot Single: Attacks by throwing rocks, books, etc. based on team HP 10s digit. 50x1-9 +1.21 per level 3
28 A light Protection Own Team: All parameters 1 rank up. Restores 25% HP when in the sub position. --- 7
40 Hard Punishment Single: Attacks by striking with a rod. Strength up if fire-based target. Occasionally, confusion. 500 +15.17 per level 4
55 Starlight Serenade All: Randomly attacks 10 times. Plus, 5 times if partner is buddy. 50x10+5 +1.22 per level 5
75 Dominator Single: Attacks by striking multiple times with a rod. Plus, INT & SPD 1 rank down. 800 +20 per level 6
110 Heavenly Glister Column: Shows a magnificent performance. Revives once with 25% HP if swoon. --- 7

Brave Strike: Pulverize

All: Stirs up a destructive tornado that strikes 8 times. Strength increases with level.

Lv Name Description Growth CT
--- Mow Down Column: Attacks with a wide horizontal slash. Plus, slightly delays turn. 150 +3.5 per level 2
7 Triple Stab Row: Attacks 3 times with quick stabs. 100x3 +2.5 per level 3
18 Dividing Slice Single: Attacks by swinging down on target. Plus, slightly delays turn. SPD 1 rank down. 420 +10.47 per level 3
28 Windmill Column: Attacks 6-8 times spinning a spear at high speed. 85x6-8 +2.11 per level 4
40 Heavy Thrust Row: Charges up and hits with an intense strike. However, cannot use until second turn after start of battle. 1,100 +27.5 per level 1
55 Downthrust Row: Attacks by flying up into the air and crashing down. Plus, delays turn. 800 +20 per level 5
75 Lightning Thrust Row: Attacks like streaking lightning. Effect rate up if water-based target. Plus, high rate of paralysis. 900 +22.5 per level 6
110 Destructive Slash Column: Attacks 3 times with an almost world-ending slash. 350x3 +8.74 per level 7

Brave Strike: What's yours is mine!

All: Deals 5x the damage of a normal attack and steals normal, rare & ultra-rare drop items at a rate of 100%.

Lv Name Description Growth CT
--- I'll take that! Single: Attacks with a weak strike while stealing normal drop item. 80 +2 per level 2
7 Don't run! Column: Attacks 3-6 times by throwing several chakrams. 60x3-6 +1.46 per level 3
18 Stay right there! Single: Stops target until skill user's next turn. Plus, SPD 1 rank down if in the sub position. --- 20
28 Roulette! Single: Attacks by throwing a large chakram. Rarely, damage x3. 500 +12.5 per level 4
40 Aqua Blitz Row: Attacks with a moist chakram. Strength up if fire-based target. Plus, SPD 1 rank down. 620 +15.5 per level 4
55 Falling Heaven All: Randomly attacks 8-12 times with falling light spears after throwing chakram high into air. 70x8-12 +1.66 per level 5
75 Downsizer All: Attacks by throwing a shrinking ring. Occasionally, gnome. 850 +21.23 per level 6
110 Endless Destruct! All: Attacks by throwing 30-40 chakrams. 35x30-40 +0.84 per level 7