Written by 3beez

01  First Job

Client: Zatts

Location:  Kalma Village

Tifah should be over at the inn waiting with my Recipe Book. Please pick it up from her.

Reward:  VIT Seed

02  Ingredients for Medicine

Client: Tifah

Location:  Kalma Village

For ingredients, the medicine requires Big Leaves that come from the trees in Cradul Woods. If you could collect 3, that should be plenty.

Reward:  HP Seed

03  Monsters Near the Village

Client: Kanbia

Location:  Kalma Village

I want you to exterminate 2 Slimes in Cradul Woods. Getting their numbers down should put me at ease.

Reward:  Crowbar x2

04  A Craftsman's Request

Client: Luwantan

Location:  Rizolt City

In order to finish my armor, I'll need 2 Thick Pelts. You should be able to get them from the Lizardmen in Stelumbra Cave. Now, I'm counting on you!

Reward:  Ticket x2

05  Outworlder Twins

Client: Royfar

Location:    Rizolt City

I want you to look for the twins hiding here somewhere in Rizolt City. There's Aidel who's a girl and Yohdel who's a boy. (Hint: The boy is hiding in jar.)

Reward:  SPD Seed x2

06  Move-in Monster

Client: Silga

Location:  Rizolt City

Like I explained earlier, I need you to deal with a powerful monster that's take up home in Hushet Ruins. Once you exterminate it, report back to me!

Reward: Shared Skill, Ambient Paradise

07  Out of This World Chef

Client:  Shermand

Location:  Mosso Village

The ingredient I want to get my hands on is the Starberries that come from the Polar Oranda in Breezan Valley. Now could I get you to bring back 3 for me?

Reward:  Water Ring B

08  Overcrowded Room

Client:  Fora

Location:  Mosso Village

Please break every jar in this room! If you wait too long, I might start collecting them again. So if you're really going to do it, the DO it!

Reward:  Ticket x3

09  Ternero the Botanist

Client:  Botanist, Tenero

Location:  Kalma Village

The specific monsters I mentioned living in Breezan Valley are the Frost Armors. I'd like you to exterminate 5 for me. I'll be waiting for your results!

Reward:  Accelerator x2

10  A Valuable Bracelet

Client:  Lilik

Location:  Mosso Village

The bracelet I lost has a red stone embedded in it and I'm sure it's still somewhere in Loftus Tower. See if you can find it there.

Reward:  Mana Lodestone (S)

11  An Outworlder's Whereabouts

Client:  Corona

Location:  Rizolt City

Please deliver that letter to an outworlder name Scrantor who works through the Maid Co-op in Rizolt City.

Reward:  Salamander Ring

12  Serendo's Ambitions

Client:  Merchant, Serendo

Location:  Gastra Village

I want you to collect some Smooth Thread from the Burning Orcs in Pheryl Town. And let's see…4 should probably be enough.

Reward:  Earth Ring a

13  Missing Companion

Client:  Nobermun

Location:  Gastra Village

The name of my companion who has yet to return is Legart. She went to visit the grave of a fallen comrade in Pheryl Town. See if you can find her.

Reward:  VIT Ring

14  Out of This World Chef - Part 2

Client:  Shermand

Location:  Rizolt City

What I need this time is 1…No, 4 Oil Seeds from the Mossy Serpents that make their home in the Dragon's Den! Now hurry, so I can get out of this jar!

Reward:   SPD Ring

15  Research Crazy

Client:  Kwire

Location:  Bliahn Town

As far as I know, Tenero should have been headed to Empyrea. Given the rumors of ferocious monsters roaming that particular area, I ask you to be careful!

Reward:   Delete Fossil

16  Entrusted Goal

Client:  Trunkel

Location:  Bliahn Town

The targets of the extermination are the Flowering Cactus of Empyrea! To reach my goal, I need you to defeat 7 more. I'm counting on your to do this, Alex!

Reward:   Shared Skill, Headlock

17  Serendo's Ambitions - Part 2

Client:  Merchant, Serendo

Location:  Mosso Village

What I need this time is 5 Sunwood Chips from the Green Giraffes in Empyrea. Now I'm counting on you!

Reward:   Fragrant Crystal

18  Explorer of the Past

Client:  Yuba

Location:  Gastra Village

Like I said before, I need you to collect me 1 piece of Rubble from both Pheryl Town and Variaht Town. I'll be here waiting for you to bring them!

Reward:  Brave Cookie x3

19  Out of This World Chef - Part 3

Client:  Shermand

Location:  Bliahn Town

All I want you to do is cut down the numbers of those Leaf Moths in Empyrea by 8; so, I can get to the place I can gather the ingredients I need.

Reward:  Normal Ring

20  Bringing a Thief to Justice

Client:  Solah

Location:  Bliahn Town

Please apprehend the maid who fled to Variaht Town. Her name is Wilcumina and you should be able to spot her by the armor she's wearing.

Reward:  Shared Skill, Heavenly Salt

The following 3 subquests are only available after completing the Normal End.

21  Unwinning Gambler

Client:  Maniella

Location:  Forgotten Garden

Have got that 200000 gold together for me yet? I'm not letting you get out of it!

Reward:  EXP bag x2

22  Lurker Among the Flowers

Client:  Pentran

Location:  Forgotten Garden

I need 6 Invisipowder from the Frozen Shrooms in Cogoel Cave! Now please don't let me down! You're my only hope!

Reward:  Ability Seed x4

23  Maids on the Loose

Client:  Scala

Location:  Forgotten Garden

You'll find my doubles in Kalma Village, Rizolt City, Mosso Village, Gastra Village, and Bliahn Town, for a total of 5.

Reward:  Unison Ring a