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    Well, the only downside is that you force to keep changing pages, so slower internet connections aren’t exactly happy with this approach.
    Plus, pure text format (.txt) usually uses Monospaced fonts. They’re great because all characters takes exactly the same amount of space, but when reading, the Serif is just way better. Plus, because they take exactly the same space by char, it’s often not-so-kind on small screens.

    And yes folks, Serif, not Sans Serif. Sans is for heading and such, Serif is for general content, specially for reading.
    A serifed text is projected and thought to be read with easiness. So if I write ten lines of text with serif, and more ten without, you’ll notice the difference.


    MSG Commander

    True, but each individual page is much more mobile-friendly, and since 75% of our traffic is phones and tablets, that takes precedence.

    All your base are


    understood, i like page breaks myself, but, when i find a walkthrough that uses text and after i save it to my pc, i usally delete the ascii art they use in titles though i keep it for maps if they use ascii art to make a map drawing. but that is just what i do for when using a walkthrough for my personal use.


    True, but each individual page is much more mobile-friendly, and since 75% of our traffic is phones and tablets, that takes precedence.

    I did not question the choice of splitting the pages. I just said the downside of that decision.
    Because the downside of using a .txt file you’ve already said.

    I think it’s important to know the downsides of every action, and not only the bright sides. 😀
    Besides, I hate to say it, but we’ve fallen off-topic.

    We were speaking about the format the found walkthrough was found and why we don’t use that format on the website, but that’s still tangent to the subject which is the inclusion or linking of that walkthrough to this website.

    My viewpoint about that is that RPG Insanity exists for sharing information about KEMCO games (and discussing about them), therefore I have nothing against either choices.
    The downside of copying here is getting the permission and rewritting the file, plus space taken and sitemap expansion, the good is easiness to access and trustworthyness.
    The downside of linking is that it’s kinda hack-ish, .txt format is kept, redirects to another website – but we’re not a portal, a few other points about integration and something I forgot the word to, but hey, gimme a break, it’s almost 2AM when I wrote this… Good is that information will be shared attending the mission of the website (at least, imo)

    If I were to choose I would say that as the link is already on the forum (on this post) there’s no need to do anything else.
    But this is just my opinion.

    With that, I’m out. I have to finish Chrome Wolf. And soon, or I’ll get bored, and start playing Aeon Avengers instead. >.>


    the most important thing to say about across age 1 and 2 is really that they are not compatible with android 10.

    across age 1 runs at 5 fps on android 9 and 10. you need android 6 to play it.

    across age 2 runs at 5 fps in the cutscene and in the last dungeon making it impossible to finish it on android 9 and 10. again android 6 or 7 are suitable to play the game in good condition.

    if you write to the west editor they are not willing to support or patch the english version.

    if you write to exe create, they don’t care as they removed their independant games from west store (warlord revival, the japanese version of across age and hermit savior).

    really it is a shame that exe create didn’t make any effort on all these games. i hope that kemco will obtain the rights to remaster them as it was the case for liege dragon (even if the remaster is really bad in the cast of lost dragon/liege dragon).

    Android is unique

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