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    I’m thinking in writing a review, so I decided I would post before-hand a list with all game aspects which I can include…
    so if I forgot anything please add.

    1- Recovery points are NOT permanent.
    Unlike most KEMCO games, well, the ones which features a recovery point at least, here the recovery point will vanish once you use it.
    This mean you might want to think twice before using it.

    2- Absence of monster HP bars
    You can just check on the screenshots, but monsters does not display their HP to you. So you might decide to heal your whole party when the monster is 1 hit from dying.

    3- No free healing
    Except for the recovery points before boss battles to save you a trip to the Inn, and one or other point of courtesy, the game won’t heal your party for free. So don’t finish a boss fight and expect to receive a healing on the dialog — no, you must pay the inn.
    In fact, you won’t even receive a free healing when leveling up. So be prepared to use the Inn.

    4- Character weapons will always change
    Unless, of course, you want a hard time, each monster is vulnerable to a certain kind of weapon and regardless of character specialization, you must from times to times equip accordingly to what you’re going to face.
    Think of it like “elemental weakness”. Instead of elements, it uses weapons instead.

    5- Enemy Guide is not really useful
    Unless i missed a button in which case by all means reply here as somebody else might miss it too, Enemy guide only shows you the image and name of the enemy.

    6- Skills are granted by Bits
    Like Fairy Elements, your skills depends on the Bits attached to the weapon. Each bit usually have only 1 skill, active or passive. You have a limited amount of slots to add bits.

    7- Saving is not so fast
    If you’re of the kind which save often, like, after every random encounter, you might be annoyed in the amount of taps required to save the game.

    8- Grinding is not so fast
    Well, if you want to fight your first boss on level 2 (because it’s nice!), you’ll need to do more than exploring the whole first dungeon and collecting all treasure. You’ll find the need to walk in circles only for random encounters if you want to complete the level-up before the boss fight.

    9- You can auto battle
    You can press the auto button for the battles. It works and often there’s nothing to worry (unless if your HP is getting low, then there’s something to worry!)
    AFAIK you cannot change auto tactics though. I believe it’ll always attack and… that’s it.

    10- No formation
    AFAIK there’s no battle formation where you need to worry about moving a character from place or killing an enemy which looks to be closer to you first.

    I will add more things to this list later. 🙂
    So fell free to add your opinion or write about things I forgot on reply 😉

    Jesusalva / Jesusaves

    MSG Commander

    In End of Aspiration, recovery points also disappear – but if you leave the screen and come, they respawn. Does that not happen in Aeon Avenger?

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    It re-appears when travelling on World Map. I did not knew that. Thanks for the tip.

    Jesusalva / Jesusaves

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