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    MSG Commander

    Once you get through the Old Witch’s Forest (which is maybe halfway through the game?), you can use the Temple of Space-Time to evolve your skill bits.

    Does anybody have a list of all the bits that you can evolve?

    Or, recommendations for the best bits to evolve?

    All your base are


    I think this is old but:

    3 consecutive attacks 4 for lake, mimi, and law

    1 consecutive attack 3 (max for staff) on team

    With this you don’t have to upgrade attack bits to severe damage to do the same damage with no mp consumption

    1-2 high heal

    The xp/gold strong

    Critical 35 is good pair stronger critical attack but you use 5 slots on it

    Turn up 3 works for bosses but nothing else

    Since there is only 1 mp absorb,  the mp turn, strong goes to 6%

    The mp/hp up are worthless because the mp restore bits cover all the healing.


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